22nd March 2019

Stop the presses!

4JW have had a fantastic week of journalistic fun. We used the events from ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ and pretended to be reports sent from the Hearldberg Gazette challenged with writing the day’s news. The children enjoyed thinking of interesting headlines, role playing interviews, and then carefully constructing their copy. I was very impressed with the children approach to their writing. They managed to achieve all of their targets and included a variety of sub-ordinating conjunctions, used a mixture of sentence openers and included possessive apostrophes. Several children achieved bonus points for included apostrophes for plural nouns.

Fearsome fraction word problems quickly turned into simple to solve questions. The children produced some fraction knowledge organisers which allowed them to collect the skills that they had developed over the last couple of weeks. Then, when they faced some fraction questions they used their notes to help them find a route to success.

Wednesday was open morning. Once again it was fantastic to have our grown-ups coming and working alongside us. Many found the level of work surprising and were impressed by the quality and the confidence of the children.

Our mathematics star was Thomas for the very neat fractions work that he completed.

Our English star was Marla for her newspaper report.

Our attendance was unfortunately on 96.1%