11th March 2019

The Mosque, the book and the apostrophe.

Another busy week has seen lots of interesting work taking place in 4JW. Wednesday was the highlight of the week as we visited the Madinah Mosque in Sheffield. The chance to visit a place of worship is always a fascinating experience and the children revelled in the experience. I was very impressed by the questions that the children were asking, and pleased to see that the different elements of the Islamic faith that we had covered in the class, were used when talking to our guides. The children were very interested in the different clocks and the size of the prayer halls. However once again the massive chandelier received probably the biggest gasps of the day. There was certainly an excited buzz from the first glimpses of the mosque from the bus window through to the chatter on the bus on the way home.

Thursday was world book day. The children enjoyed listening to stories, writing their own non-sense stories and completing the Nursery Rhyme Headline quiz. The non-sense stories involved the children being given a collection of sentence starts which required finishing. After adding in the missing component, the paper was folded and passed to the next writer. Once the six sentences of the story had been completed, the paper was unfolded and the full story could then be read. As you can imagine we ended with some very weird and wonderful short stories.

Through the rest of the week, the children have continued with their usual work. Mathematics has mainly focussed on simplifying fractions. Whilst English lessons have seen the children working on some of the skills that they will need to complete their new writing targets. Possessive apostrophes have been a significant part of the work completed. The children have found it challenging to identify what happens with words when they are pluralised, especially the irregular words.

Our Mathematics star was Thomas for his work when simplifying fractions.

Our English star was Albie for his contributions to class discussion throughout the week.