21st January 2019

Collaboration has been this week’s key word.

Not as a spelling, but as the method by which many of the pieces of work have been completed. The children have worked together to pull apart the key characters and structures of the ‘Charlotte’s Web’ extract that they learnt last week. They then used these to suggest possible heroes and scenarios that they could use when they write their own versions next week. In history, the children furthered their study of the Vikings by considering why these people chose to leave their homes and travel across the seas to find new land. This then had them thinking about how the people on these voyages, and those that were left behind, would have felt. They also identified the possible different experiences that the Vikings may have had. By the end of the week they were using these to begin to write an extract from a Viking diary.

Mathematics has focused on developing the children’s understanding of multiplication. They began the week by looking at how bar models could be used to show multiplications of values beyond those that they have learnt in their times tables. This then moved to the idea of being able to solve multiplications involving three numbers. Finally, these skills were put to the test as the children tackled different word problems – or mathematical stories without endings, as we like to call them.

Our ‘extraordinary me’ time has made use of some of the excellent materials found at the BBC Super Movers website. We have particularly enjoyed the Danger Mouse Challenges.

This week Liam was awarded our English certificate for improving his reading. Whilst, Hannah collected the Mathematics award for her independent work when solving problems.

Our attendance was 98.9%