19th February 2018

A hurricane of artistic talent has blown through 4JW.

English last week saw the children reducing the story of ‘Escape form Pompeii’ down to the three most important elements. The children then used these to create some amazing comic strips. The level of detail and care that was being taken, with both the visual and written text, was superb. Below are pictures of some of the work both in progress and when completed.

Mathematics focus was area. The children quickly developed a good understanding and were soon able to calculate the area of rectangles. Well done. 

The children used sand to create imprints of animals. They have then filled these with interior powder filler. After half term we will remove the sand and hopefully found our fossils.

Our attendance was a slightly disappointing 93.8%
Our composer of the week was Kiran for both his comic strip and his general knowledge.