19th March 2018

A huge thank you to 4JW for how hard they worked last week.

In English the children compared an extract from Norman Hunter’s ‘Disaster at the Royal Disco’ with a script extract for the same story. They produced two excellent cheat sheets for how to write dialogue in both forms. They then worked in groups to produce small pieces of drama based around events that are mentioned in Phillip Pullman’s ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter.’ One member of each group then took the role of cinematographer and filmed their scene. They then used these films to help them produce play scripts.

Mathematics saw the children working on explaining equivalent fractions and solving some reasoning challenges based on the fractions work that they had completed. The children also spent time looking at their current mathematics targets. They played several games as a class and with their partners to prove that they could add and subtract fractions. This also led to an interesting conversation about whether you could have a fraction which was bigger than a whole.

Our attendance was a pleasing 99%
Our composer of the week was Hollie who pushed herself with her mathematics and produced some good explanations.