5th February 2018

There has been a positive tsunami of good work produced this week.
Below you will see the photographs of some of the children’s finished poems. They took care when editing their own work and also used their peers’ suggestions to help them improve on their original writing. They then showed amazing concentration and care as they copied their work up. Finally they added some superb drawings of volcanoes erupting.

Mathematics concentrated on written methods for solving multiplications. The children spent time using and developing their skills with both the expanded and formal written methods of multiplication. They then considered the merits of both methods and evaluated which would be most appropriate for a calculation. Finally several of the children began the difficult task of trying to write a clear set of instructions that would allow somebody to be able to complete a formal multiplication involving a three digit and a one digit number.

In addition to their volcano drawings, the children used some runny paint and straws to blow pictures of eruptions. A lot of fun was had and the children again ended the session with some impressive pictures.

Our attendance was, once again, a very pleasing 98.9%
4JW’s leading house was Garnet who achieved 15 house points last week.
Our composer of the week was Adwyn for her poetry work.