29th October 2018

Wow! What happened to that half term?

It seems incredible to think that we have already reached the end of the first half term. Then I look back through the blogs and see the work that the children have done and wonder how we managed to fit all of that into such a short space of time.

Last week was the exciting journey into the word of column subtraction with exchanging. Many of the epic explorers made big strides forward as their confidence when exchanging grew. Many moved on and overcame that terrible moment when some evil teacher places a zero in the column that you want to exchange from. Then to make matters worse, the evil teacher places two zeros, in two place values, next to one another. Yet the amazing mathematical explorers in 4JW were undeterred and continued their journey with barely a grazed knee or a broken nail. Photographs below to prove it.

With the return the school after the holidays being just before Remembrance, the class spent some time building their CD poppy. The team work and support shown by the pupils was once again credit to how amazing they are.


Our attendance was a superb 99.4%. Which meant that we only lost out on the attendance trophy by 0.1%!

Our composer of the week has to be Reece who has tried hard and persevered when he has found things a little tricky.