19th November 2018

Another Amazing week for the children of 4JW

It’s been a busy and mixed week. As it was anti-bullying week the children wore odd socks to school on Monday to highlight how our differences don’t mean that we should be treating one another with any less respect. Monday also saw the children complete their next cold writing task. They were challenged to write a poem about a giant robot that dies. This was in preparation for their next unit of work when they will investigate Brenda Williams’ ‘The coming of the Iron Man.’ Over the course of the week we have also enjoyed listening to Ted Hughes’ ‘The Ironman’ and making predictions about what was going to happen next. Finally (but still on Monday) the children painted their Diva Lamps which have made a fantastic part of our classroom displays.

Wednesday was the Year 4 trip to the Magna Science and Engineering museum in Sheffield. The children had a fantastic day. They loved pushing buttons, turning handles, trying on different outfits and watching the different demonstrations. Many commented on how powerful the fire tornado was and were amazed by the heat generated during the Big Melt Show. Whilst there, they also completed a classroom session where they made paint from oil, vinegar, paprika and an egg yolk. This proved to be a superb start to the topic and has certainly got them thinking about solids, liquids and gases. As always, the children behaviour was exemplary. In fact it was so good that a member of staff from another school said how impressed she was by our children.

The week ended with a spotty feel as the children joined in with our Children In Need fund raising. We were also visited by a Miss Kygiers’ Year 1 and 2 class. They came to share their bonfire poems and some were even brave enough to read out their work to the whole group. The children spent time talking with the infants about their poems and even tried to give suggestions for other adjectives that could have been used. We had such a good time that we have arranged a return trip once we have finished out giant poems. It will be nice to be writing with a real audience in mind.

Our attendance was a perfect 100%. Earning us our sixth attendance Award certificate.

Our composer of the week is Alfie for his positive attitude.