8th October 2018

A Tyre-ing week for 4JW

Last week’s English sessions focussed on creating detailed and interesting sentences. The children spent time thinking about which verbs could be used to describe a characters actions. They then identified three verbs and used these to create a single sentence which contained all three actions. Towards the end of the week, they then moved to looking at adverbs and adverbial phrases. Some time was spent moving these adverbs around the sentences and experimenting with fronted adverbials.

Mathematics brought the finishing touches to the children’s rounding knowledge. We then moved onto to investigating four digit numbers. The children used different apparatus to initial partition the numbers. This was then extended through process of exchanging to find different ways to create the same value.

In other news, the children began rehearsing the songs for the upcoming harvest festival. They spent time looking at the life of Pablo Picasso in preparation for creating a ‘giant’ painting in his style. The school gardening club took delivery of a load of tyres. These were kindly donated by Lodge Tyres. The children enjoyed unloading them and helping to roll them into the school garden.

Our attendance was another superb 99.6%.

Our composer of the week was Alfie for his continued enthusiasm.