15th October 2018

Another week appears to have disappeared in the blink of a giant’s eye. Once again the children in 4JW have been absolutely amazing. Over the course of the week, not only have I felt proud of their work, but I have been very impressed by their maturity and approach to activities that I have set.

They have spent a significant part of the week working on their version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Many have had fun changing the gender of the characters, modernising the items that were taken from the giant and finding ways to adapt some well-known phrases. I have been particularly pleased with how the children have support one another and helped each other to develop their writing. One example was when I heard Hannah say to her partner, “Let me just stop you there… Just read that bit again... Does it make sense?” To find out more about their amazing stories come back next week and see some of their final presented stories.

In addition the children have used their addition and subtraction skills to identify the types of questions that they find difficult. Time has then been spent working on their ability to explain why these questions are more challenging. Hopefully, by identifying the difficulty the children will be more able to find a strategy that will enable them to correctly solve problems in the future.

In addition the children have enjoyed working on your Picasso inspired giant head drawings.

In PE, I have grouped the children so that they can take the dance work that they have completed in pairs and combine this to create group performances. This again led to me over hearing another fantastic piece of dialogue. After trying out a new section for their routine Alfie turned to his groups and said, “That’s a good move but we can’t do it as it might be dangerous. We could easily end up banging our heads.”

Our attendance was only 97.8%

Our star of the week has to be Hannah for her fantastic work on her writing.