29th January 2018

Poetry in motion are the words to describe 4JW last week.

English has had a very strong poetry theme. The week’s guided reading used Richard Brown’s poem ‘The Spirit of Place.’ After reading the poem through the children identified any unfamiliar words before teaming up to rehearse a performance of the piece. The videos of the children performing can be seen below. Whilst in our main English lessons the children have been composing their own poems about volcanoes. They used ‘The River’ by Valerie Bloom as their starting point and by mixing metaphors with hyperbole and alliteration they have drafted some superb pieces. These are revealed below.

Mathematics has seen the children using their knowledge of calculation and adjusting to solve more complex multiplications. This saw them tackling questions such as 29 x 6 and 31 x 7. The children were quickly able to see how 30 x could be used as a starting point and then adjusted to find the required answer. The children also spent time investigating factors. They started with counters creating arrays and soon moved to just using their times tables knowledge. I was particularly impressed with how they were able to identify pairs of factors. When they were challenged to find prime numbers, having already identified that 31 only had two factors, they quickly generated an accurate list. They ended the week by investigating square numbers and were able to see why these numbers had been suitably named.

Our papier mache volcanoes have been fully layered and dried. This means that next week we can paint them ready for erupting the following week.

Our attendance was once again a very pleasing 98.4%.

Our composer of the week was Brooke who spent time at home working on her six times table and managed to achieve Rock Legend status by the end of the week.