18th September 2017

SCHOOL CHARTER 4JW version.jpg

Amazing, astonishing and awesome are words that can be used to describe the children in 4JW. The children have returned to school with very positive and clear ‘have a go’ attitudes. This was certainly shown when they worked together to create our classes charter document around the word respect.

We have started the year by looking at biographies. Using Florence Nightingale and Roald Dahl as our starting texts, the children have pulled them about and identified the different key features. They also had a go at writing a short biography about a family member which has then given them some targets that they will need to work on next week as they produce a biography for John Williams.

Mathematics led the children to proclaim, ‘Veni, vidi, vici!’ Roman numerals have certainly provided the children with lots of entertainment. They quickly moved from being a little unsure about the different symbols used to read, writing and making numbers that went up to and beyond 100. The photographs below show some of the children’s work. They even had time to look at key dates from English history and to write the years as Roman numerals.

In other areas, the children started their science topic about light. After spending time working with mirrors, they were able to explain how light was reflected and had found different ways of changing what they could see in the mirror. They then moved on to looking at different light sources. Finally, we linked the work to our history topic and turned the children into crashed RAF pilots who needed to use the sun and shadows to work out which way was north.

This week’s attendance has been a fantastic 100%
We collected 14 handshakes.
Our composer of the week was Hollie for raising her hand and having a go.