2nd July 2017

With the power of Thor’s hammer, the accuracy of Hawkeye’s bow, and the strength of Ironman, the Halle Orchestra amazed, intrigued and inspired us this week. We were fortunate enough to spend Wednesday afternoon at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. The Halle Orchestra were playing in the ‘Now Hear this!’ event whose theme was Heroes and Villains. They played a selection of music which included Prokofriev’s Montagues and Capulets, an extract from William Tell, John William’s Indiana Jones theme and finished with the 1812 overture. One of the most impressive parts of the concern was when the entire orchestra produced fidget spinners and proceeded to produce a piece of music just using these toys. That said, the most amazing sections of the concert were the two songs (believe and Superhero Blues) which we got to perform with the orchestra.

In the more mundane world of the classroom we have had a back to basic s week in Mathematics. We have been practising our four operations and showing that we can tackle suitable calculations. Our English has shifted to looking at Discussion texts. We have magpie some useful phrases and identified two different structures that we can consider when we start writing our own text next week.

We collected 8 handshakes.
Our attendance was another disappointing 90.2%
Our composer of the week was Amelia for her hard working and fuss free approach to life.