8th May 2017

It may have only been four days but it has been another amazingly busy and productive week in 4JW. 

My Little Monster. Thankfully that was the title of the poem that the children have studied this week and not my description of the class. The children enjoyed working with Elaine Morandini’s poem as it described a fierce monster which turned out to be her pet cat. The children then used the same rhyming pattern and structure to create poems about different animals. Many choose to describe their own pets and favourite animals whilst others stayed with the rainforest animals that had been the theme of last week’s poems.

The children began this week’s mathematics by looking for parallel and perpendicular lines around the classroom. Once they had started to spot them they soon discovered that they were everywhere. They then used these new skills to identify the properties of the different quadrilaterals. I was very impressed with the quality of the images that the children were able to create to show their understanding. Below is an example taken from Elliot’s book.

The highlight of the week was our music lesson with Mrs Whitehead. The class’s dood playing has progressed massively in the three forty-five minute sessions that we have had. The children can now name four different types of notes and explain how long each note should be played for. They can all read the basic notation found in a piece of music. During the session many children played three note solos and at the end of the lesson the children accompanied a song using the notes G, A and B.

As promised last week, here we are wearing our Maya inspired head dresses. 

Last week we collected 4 handshakes.
Our attendance was a slightly disappointing 94.4%