22nd May 2017

Another fast paced week has flown by like Flash in a hurry to get to the shops before it closes.
The children’s mathematics has seen them getting the point of co-ordinates. They started the week using a co-ordinate grid which contained the alphabet, numbers and basic punctuation to write messages. This quickly moved onto them decoding message. They helped Danger Mouse decide to foil the rogue spy, Agent Polar Bear, who was trying to send misleading messages from the rainforest. Before finishing the week by combining their co-ordinates knowledge with the symmetry knowledge to solve a fiendish puzzle.

English lessons have focused on practising the skills that they will need to write their newspaper reports next week. They examined different types of headlines and identified the features that had been used. Following from this they tried using different conditionals and saw how these effected the sentences that they were used in. Finally they used hot seating to collect quotes from different experts.
Our dood playing has reached new heights of simply amazing. Not only do we have sounds from reed instruments but we have a good rhythm and clear distinction between the notes.

Last week we collect 7 handshakes.
Our attendance was 98.6%
Our composer of the week was Jedd for trying to answer all the difficult questions all week.