1st May 2017

Last week was a very interesting week. On Monday we were visited by the Fire Service. They came to talk to us about fire safety. They gave us some useful information for what to do if we discover a fire in our homes. Also, they allowed us all to have a look at the equipment that they carry on their fire engines. We got to sit inside the cab and see the breathing apparatus that helps firefighters to go into dangerous situations.

Our English was based on the Benjamin Zephaniah poem ‘The day in the life of Danny the cat.’ Mr Haslam encouraged us to think about how we could use our voices and bodies to perform sections of the poem. We then thought about our new topic of Rainforests and the different creatures and places that can be found in tropical locations. We then planned our own version of the poem using a rainforest creature. At the end of the week we created published copies of our poems, either in writing or as performances. Some examples have been shown below. Mr Haslam was particularly pleased with Leighton’s as he chose to write his poem about a tarantula that stowed away in an explorer’s backpack.

Mathematics had us in ‘a bit of a spin.’ We spent the week looking at angles and triangles. We started the week by deciding whether angles were acute (less than 90 degrees), obtuse (between 90 and 180 degrees, right-angled (equal to 90 degrees), or reflex (greater than 180 degrees.) We even had a go at estimating the size of some of the angles. We ended the week by looking at the properties of the different types of triangles. Lilly impressed us with her ability to recall the key features for the different types.

In other news, we learnt how to play an A on our doods and even put together a simple tune. We enjoyed designing and making Maya-inspired headdresses. We will add photographs of these when we have let the glue dry and have finished them.

Last week our attendance was 97%.
We collect a superb 12 handshakes
Our star of the week was Lilly for her excellent shape knowledge and for creating an extra piece of writing at home, about a sloth.