24th April 2017

For a four day week it has been an action-packed few days. The children returned to their English and mathematics work as if there hadn’t been a break. They edited and improved their instructions for firing a Roman ballista before copying up some neat versions; several of which of can see below. Converting measures has still been the focus in maths sessions with the children looking at how to convert different distances into different units.

On Wednesday the whole of Year 4 visited Elizabethan Academy for a Wellbeing day. Whilst there, the children made healthy lunches which included couscous and various fruits and vegetables. They tried to complete a short yoga session and made lavender rice face masks. During the other sessions they investigated what makes a healthy diet, carried out some fun sports activities, and thought about how our self-esteem effects our wellbeing. Also the winners of the healthy life style slogan competition were announced. Unfortunately none of 4JW won the star prize of a bike, but both Maria and Jedd were runners up and collected goody bags filled with lots of interesting things.

The week’s excitement didn’t end there, as on Thursday we were joined by Mrs Whitehead. She will be visiting 4JW on Thursday afternoons for the rest of the term to teach us how to play doods. A dood is a training clarinet which has been designed to be used by people with smaller hands. I was very impressed with how quickly all of the children managed to get a note out of their instrument. The video below shows just what a noise it was. We are certainly all looking forward to the future sessions.

This week we collected 5 handshakes.
Our attendance was 100%.
Our composer of the week was Elliot for working hard and answering questions throughout the week.