6th March 2017

The high-light of last week was World Book Day. On Thursday we all came to school dressed as our favourite book character. As you can see from the photograph below we all looked marvellous. Mr Haslam based the day’s work on Antony Browne’s ‘Hansel and Gretel’ (a retelling of the famous old story.)

After reading the text we looked at how bread was made and spent the day making loaves. The photographs show us kneading the dough and preparing it for the oven. Thankfully the weather was nice and the classroom was warm which helped our bread to rise. The time lapse video shows the dough beginning to bubble and grow. We had to wait until Friday to taste the results of our labours as we were only able to put one set of bread into the oven at once.

During the rest of the week we had worked on alliteration, rhymes and similes for our poetry writing. We had also started our new mathematics topic looking at decimals. Mr Haslam was very impressed with how we made the link between money, decimals and fractions. This meant that we could very quickly say that 5p was £0.05 which was 5/100 which was 0.05.

We collected 10 handshakes
Our attendance was 98.3%
Our composer of the week was Riley because he tried hard in all the lessons and had a positive attitude towards everything throughout the whole week.