27th March 2017

Wow, what a week! We have, planted potatoes, investigated places of worship, visited a mosque, asked loads of amazing questions, started learning a text, used timelines to solve problems, converted measurements, written them as decimals, designed an Easter activity booklet, written an information text about a modern god and raised money for Red Nose Day!

The week began with the children planting our five seed potatoes in our competition bed. Whilst we may have kept the smallest seed potatoes for ourselves, we are certain that with a little tender care we will have a bumpy crop. We have a few plans up our sleeves!

Our English work has seen us undertake two challenges. We wrote a non-chronological report about the gods that we designed last week. Mr Haslam was very impressed that we had remembered to include the different features needed for the text. We then started learning the introduction to our latest text, ‘How to use a gladius.’ The video of this can be seen below.
In mathematics we spent some time looking at the assessments that we completed last week and then carried out work on the areas that we had found difficult. We started by revisiting how to use timelines to solve time difference problems then moved onto converting between measurements and their decimal equivalencies.

Wednesday was definitely the best day of the week as we visited the Medina Mosque in Sheffield. We learnt lots of interesting facts and had an opportunity to ask a lot of very sensible questions. When we arrived we had to take off our shoes and then wait on the heated entrance floor. The floor was covered with beautiful flower patterned tiles. We were taken into the wash room and shown how wudu was completed before visiting the Library and looking at a copy of the Quran. Then we went into the lower prayer hall and saw the times for the day’s prayers. Our guide showed us a picture of the Kaaba in Mekkah and explained that over five million people can be visiting the whole site on the same day. After this we went upstairs to the upper prayer hall and saw their amazing chandelier. Here we followed the sequence of a prayer session. As we left we were all given a piece of fruit to eat on our journey home.

On Friday we all turned slightly red as we raised money for Red Nose Day. We all changed part of our school uniform for an item of red clothing. Some of us let Mr Haslam paint our noses red (hopefully it will have washed off by Monday!) 

We collected 10 handshakes
Our attendance was 96.5%
Our composer of the week was Leighton.