20th March 2017

The children said that last week wasn’t the most exciting week in 4JW and I can understand why. It was assessment week. That said, the children tried hard and certainly gave their all to the activities that I gave them. I was pleased with their confidence going into the reading test and saw that the children had used the full range of skills that we had talked about to help them extract information from the two texts that they had to read.

In the mathematics sessions they needed a little more warming up, but once focused, showed that the work that we had undertaken on fractions and decimals and been worthwhile. 

Away from the tests the children spent time writing new blog posts all about their ambitions for the future. I ask them to write, not only about the carriers they hoped to have, but about how they imagined their families to be. I wanted them to think about the places that they wanted to go to and the things they wanted to see.

The children spent some time looking at the many Roman Gods. They were challenged to design their own modern Roman God. Next week they will be completing a short piece of information text writing to explain the importance of this God and what special powers they have over people’s lives.

We collected 7 handshakes
Our attendance was 97.5%
Given how hard all the children tried with their assessments I am unable to pick a composer of the week.