13th March 2017

I knew that I had an amazing class but last week certainly proved it. It was the best week so far in 4JW. After finally completing our poetry work and the children showing that they could use alliteration, rhyme and similes, the children started their new English topic. Our new text is ‘How to use a gladius.’ Thankfully we are dealing with the theory of Roman sword fighting and won’t be putting what we have discovered into practice – well maybe as a bit of fun with our rulers in class. 

Mathematic has certainly helped the children to see the point as we have been working with decimals. The children used a mixture of place value resources to show different decimal values. They also linked the place value labels to their fractions and continued to make links between the vulgar and decimal fractional forms.

The children were both attractive and repulsive throughout the week as we had great fun playing with magnets and magnetism. The children investigated all the different tricks that they could get a pair of bar magnets to perform and identify which objects around the room were magnetic. They investigated the strength of a magnet using paper fastenings and then used iron fillings to see the magnetic forces at work. The pictures and video show just what fun we had.

Our attendance was a very disappointing 94.2%
We collected 7 handshakes
Our composer of the week was Emre who has only recently joined us but was nominated by Leighton for being a friendly and hardworking member of the class. Well done Emre.