27th February 2017

On returning from our half term holiday we have continued with our poetry work. We enjoyed spending time creating actions to help us to try and learn ‘The Coming of the Iron Man.’ We saw how those groups that exaggerated their movements and made them big were able to memorise their sections of the poem more quickly. We designed robots of our own that we have begun to start to describe which will be the focus for our poetry writing next week. 

In Mathematics we returned to time. This allowed our less confident time tellers to spend more time working with clock faces and focus on the tricky elements of minutes past and minutes to. For those of us who felt more confident Mr Haslam challenges us to calculate the time 2000 seconds, 2000 minutes, 2000 hours and 2000 days after midnight on the 1st January 2000. This certainly tested our mathematical stamina as well as our calculation skills.

In other lesson we got very excited as we have started using Kidblog to create our own posts. We are really looking forward to reading about what we each get up to in our spare time. Also he intend to use our blogs to create book reviews which can be used to help us choose interesting books to read.

Our attendance was an unbeatable 100%.
We collected only 5 handshakes
Our composer of the week was Amelia who throughout all of our lessons contributed many great ideas and asked so very helpful questions.