13th February 2017

English work has had a definite rhythm and rhyme as we have been looking at two poems. The children enjoyed listening to the sound of the train in Robert Louis Stevenson's 'From a Railway Carriage.' This was then followed up by thinking about the Iron man from Brenda Williams 'The Coming of the Iron Man.' The children asked some very interesting questions about the poem and made some good predictions for what the Iron man was looking for. Here are some sound files of Maria, Charlie and Jedd reading extracts from the poems.

The children's mathematics focused on the tricky subject of time. Over the course of the week the children moved from reading times on analogue clocks to writing time in as many different ways as they could. This included converting between twelve and twenty-four time. In addition, the children have continued to work on their speed squares and improve their recall of times tables facts. The concentration is evident on the faces in the video below.

It has been a very busy but successful half term. Well done 4JW.

Last week we collected 10 handshakes.
Our attendance was 97.4%.
Our composer of the week was Charlie for his increased efforts in all lessons.