6th November 2017

After the half term holiday, the children have returned refreshed, revitalised and ready to work. 
Last week’s English looked at black out poems. The art of using a page of text taken from a book and then carefully selecting words before blacking out the rest of the text to reveal a poem has proved to be a very interesting and fun activity. The children initially found the idea difficult but soon got into the process and produced some interesting sentences and poems. They will be using scanned copies of the original pages and the graphics tool on the computer to produce their finished pieces of work. The theme of poetry was extended during guided reading where the children have studied the language used in Jack Prelutsky’s poem ’The Bogeyman.’

Mathematics has focused on subtraction. The children have work hard to develop their skills and solve some more complex calculations which have involved multiple stages of exchanging. They have also developed their reasoning and explanation skills as they have been required to identify which calculations would cause the most difficulty and then explain why. A couple of examples of the children’s explanations can be heard below.

At the beginning of the week the children used chalk to add a smoke effect to their blitz scene pictures. Some of their fantastic results have been added to the classroom display and can be seen below.

Our attendance was 92.6%
We collected another 7 handshakes this week.
Our composer of the week was Rose for her being the first person to bring in her Anderson Shelter project.