16th October 2017

4JW looked like a bomb had gone off! Well it began to anyway. This wasn’t because the children hadn’t tidied up after themselves but due to the children beginning their art work. The children looked at a range of pictures taken during and after the Blitz. They then talked about how the sky would have been bright with fires and explosions. This was used as inspiration for some colour mixing and then the children produced colour washed skies. The photo graphs below show them hard at work. Keep checking back over the next few weeks to see the finished masterpieces.

English lessons were spent collecting ideas and creating word banks ready for next week’s writing. After selecting an illustration from ‘Rose Blanche’, the children worked as groups to develop their understanding of fronted adverbials and then wrote suitable phrases for their image. This was then repeated to create expanded noun phrases and to identify impact words.

Mathematics finally stated to add up (and take away.) The children looked at different sets of addition and subtraction calculations and explained what it was that made some calculations more challenging than others. They then used their skills to solve some simple calculations as well as completing a mathematics question quadrant.

Our attendance was only 96%
We collected 7 handshakes.
Our composer of the week was Kiran for his excellent question quadrant which demonstrated his systematic and methodical thinking skills.