9th October 2017

Last week saw the children in 4JW working hard on a wide range of activities. 

English continued the children’s study of ‘Rose Blanche’ by Roberto Innocenti and Ian McEwan. A large part of the week was spent looking at the illustrations and making predictions about the text. As we read through, the children then showed some good inference skills as they were able to explain the characters feelings and possible motive. The children then ended the week by returning to our War Boy text and began to identify which words had impact on the reader.

It was our final week of focusing on place value in mathematics. The children developed their understanding of how the position of digits can effect the numbers. One of the children’s favourite activities was ‘Three in a Row’. This was a game which involved the children selecting digits from a pack of shuffled 0 -9 cards and making choices about where to position each digit. Once a four digit number was made they placed it on the numberline. Their aim was to get three of their numbers in a row before their partner could insert a number of their own. Also the children completed the end of unit assessment. It was very pleasing to see how much more green was on their sheet than from the cold task at the beginning of the unit.

In other areas, Mia and Jason brought in photographs, medals and memorabilia that had belong to your relatives during the war. The rest of the children enjoyed listening to the stories and information from their class mates. The children also enjoyed working with Mr Bell on the World War 2 Dance unit in PE. They have certainly developed their skills as the term has progressed.

Our attendance was a disappointing 95.1%
We collected 5 handshakes.
Our composer of the week was Mia for her ability to keep trying.