30th January 2017

Last week was another good week in 4JW. The children began to work on the targets that had been identified from their cold piece of writing. They started the week by looking at seven photos which were accompanied by short sentences. They worked in groups to ask questions, then provided answers, which helped to create a full back story for the people in the pictures. They then used these to writer longer, more detailed sentences to match with the pictures. They then flipped their thinking and looked at how short sentences could be used to create impact and show feelings. Well done children. Finally they revisited speech marks and had some further practice at setting out conversations correctly.

Mathematics saw the children move their fractions focus onto finding fractional parts of a value. They very effectively used bar diagrams to help them solve a range of questions. They were then pushed on to trying to solve more complicated fractions questions, as you can see from the pictures below. The children not only rose to the challenge but on the whole mastered the skills required and were solving questions that would see many adults looking for excuses to avoid having to tackle the questions. Superb work once again children.

Last week the class collected 15 handshakes.
Our attendance was a disappointing 96.4%
The class composer of the week was Keira for her sentence writing which mirrored the style of EB White brilliantly.