23rd January 2017

Hamsters escaping from their cages, rabbits hopping over the fence and a monkey sneaking out of an open gate have been just a few of things happening in 4JW this week. Don’t panic. It hasn’t been a complete riot. These are just some of the fantastic ideas that the children have had for their next ‘Talk for Writing’ activity. We have spent several lessons using the structure of Wilbur’s escape in Charlotte’s Web to plan our own animal escape stories. The children have not only chosen new lead characters, but given them friends and suggest a group who will try to recapture their creatures. They have also considered where the animal will go and what advice it will receive.

Mathematics has also been fractious as we have still been working with fractions. The children have continued to impress with their finding of equivalent fractions, using bar models to identify missing fractions and even adding fractions with common denominators. I would also like to congratulate Maria on being the first member of the class to complete the set 4 times table sheet in under five minutes. Set 4 requires the children to complete 144 times table questions that have been mixed up and put out of sequence. Below are some photographs of the children working in groups to solve fraction problems and a copy of the classes interactive fractions display.

Our attendance was a disappointing 93.6%
The children collected 17 handshakes (2nd best class of the week!)
Our star of the week has to be Maria for her marvellous mathematics.