16th January 2017

The fabulous children in 4JW have started to study the writing of E.B. White. Charlotte’s Web is the opening text for this terms work. The class have been reading the story from before Christmas but have begun to focus on one small section. After reading about Wilbur’s escape from his pen, the children produced cold written stories about other animals getting loose from their homes. They then created a series of action and gestures to help them to remember the original text. In addition, the children have completed two reading comprehension activities. One about two children travelling along a busy street in India and one about the opening section of Charlotte’s Web.

Fractions is the first mathematical concept to be tackled in 2017. The class have been truly amazing. They quickly progressed from making a small error when describing 4/8 as 4/4, to being about to explain what the numerator and denominator tells you about a fraction. They moved on to using hundred tiles to show different hundredth values and coloured diagrams to show different fractions. Then, they used several series of diagrams to identify equivalent fraction families. Just when it looked like they had reached their peak, the children identified the different multiples that were being used to move from one fraction to the next, and even saw how they could divide the values to find other equivalent fractions. Below is a snap shot of their work.

It has been a marvellous week and many of you have already signed up to the Marvellous ME app. If you haven’t already signed up, ask your child to get you another letter with their unique code and begin to receive updates on their marvellous work.

This week we collected 3 handshakes.
Our attendance was a pleasing 98.6%
Our composer of the week was Ashley for the amount of reading that he has completed this week.

It's great to see that over 70% of parents have already signed up to the Marvellous Me App!

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