26th September 2016

In last week’s English lessons we continued to learn the story of Jack and the beanstalk and use our actions to help us remember. Below is a video of us demonstrating the story. We have continued to develop this and now, not only know the story, but have identified some of the excellent language it contains. We can use this in our future writing. Towards the end of the week we story mapped the text using pictures. Our story map can also be seen below.

During mathematics lessons we continued with our place value work. We were set a series of problems where we had to generate numbers that met different criteria. These included things like being between 1500 and 200, having a digit total of 13 and having a digit difference of 5.

We all made a copper wire beanstalk. We had to use pliers and carefully bend different length of wire to make the basic shape. We then cut leaves from paper and felt to hang on our sculptures. It was very funny to look around the room and see everybody in their safety goggles. We have included some pictures of us at work.

Last week we collected 4 handshakes.

Our attendance was a fantastic 100%

Our composer of the week was Charlie for an impressive piece of writing about the Witching Hour and for generally working very hard.

Written by the whole class