19th September 2016

At the end of our first full week, I am pleased to report that the children have made a fantastic start to our giants topic. So far we have discovered the footprints of a visiting giant who has left us a note saying that he wants to come and look at our finished work nearer Christmas.

In English, they started to look at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children had a go at writing a version of the story before they read a suitable version. The children used their detective skills to identify questions that were unanswered by the text and even poised some answers. They have begun to learn the story and, by adding actions, hope to be able to perform the text and also magpie some of its language. Watch out next week for them performing the whole story.

In Mathematics, they have been investigating place value. They began by looking at a place value grid and identify the values of each digit in various four digit numbers. Then they went outside and had to complete an orienteering course which required them to record the values of numbers in different ways. Finally, I gave them numbers and they had to break them into their different place value components. Some of the numbers were missing values and therefore they had to find the values that had been replaced.

Last week was Roald Dahl’s centenary. To celebrate his life, the class joined with lots of other schools and listened to the Puffin live celebration from the Cambridge Theatre in London. On Friday, every came to school dressed as different characters from his stories.

Last week we collected 8 handshakes.
Our attendance was 96.7%

Our composer of the week was Robyn for having not only completed speed square set 1, but also, sets 2 and 3.

What a fantastic start to the year

Mr Haslam