5th December 2016

Mathematics and English last week had an assessment focus. The children completed arithmetic and reasoning tests in Mathematics. Whilst in English they tackled grammar and spelling tasks, to go with the reading assessments from the week before. Whilst the children would have liked higher scores, it has helped us to identify the skills that we need to practise and few small things that we will remember to help us improve our scores next time.

Whilst this meant it wasn’t the most exciting week, in some ways, the frosty weather did lead to some interesting discussions. On Tuesday, as soon as the register was completed, the children returned to the playground and spent some time marvelling at the mini towers of ice that had formed on the grass; and the fern-like fronds of ice that were covering the playground benches. The children were fascinated by the different shapes and textures that the morning’s weather had produced. When they then held the frosted grass, and watched how it melted, they were intrigued by the motion of the water and how these icy pillars crumbled from the bottom. We left one of the year 4 I-pads out on one of the benches and used its time lapse record function to watch what happened over the first hour of the day. The video below is well worth watching.

The jars and outline paint were delivered to school last week. This meant that the children’s fabulous designs could be added to the jars. Thank you Mrs Haslam for using her steady hand to undertake this tricky (and time consuming!) step for us. As you can see from the photographs and videos below the jars are looking good. Once we have set up our production lines and added the colours this week they will be the perfect centre pieces, scented candle holders, mantel piece decorations or filled jars to give at Christmas. Remember to call and buy one of these limited addition jars on the 12th December. Also you will be able to enter the raffle to win a jar or try and guess how many sweets are in a filled jar. 

We collected a pleasing 11 handshakes.
Our class attendance was a disappointing XX%, however, given the amount of sniffling and barking that has been happening in class, the children have certainly been making a great effort to attend.
Our composer of the week was Katie for making some fantastic connections in Mathematics and seeing how she could use known facts and a bar model to solve missing number problems. Well done Katie!