12th December 2016

What an amazing week!
Once again 4JW have managed to blow my socks off!

In English last week the children began to think about designing their own giant ready to create their version of the Tree Giant text. The children’s initial ideas, for ice, water, rubbish, sand, iron and more giants, were very impressive. Not only did they have these amazing ideas, they also mastered subordinating conjunctions and showed a real flare for using relative pronouns.

Added to this, in mathematics, the children extended their confidence when solving multiplication and division questions. By the end of the week they could use place value counters to explain how division was the inverse of multiplication, and show how their practical division work linked to formal method calculations. Over half of the class can now confidently tackle HTU by U divisions using a formal written methods. Wow!

In other news, the children painted their Christmas enterprise jars. An absolute steal at £3. Well done children.

Also the children’s Giant topic Homework projects were brought into school. As you can see from the photograph below the children had worked hard to build models, create fact files and explain their models. 

Last week our attendance was 97.3%
We collected a pleasing 12 handshakes.
Our composer of the week was Daniel. He has constantly worked hard, answered questions and given his all.