28th November 2016

Another week passed very quickly in 4 John Williams. Once again the children worked their socks off and managed to impress both myself and Mrs Alford, who visited us for one of our English lessons. 

In mathematics last week the children began the difficult task of mastering division. They made a fantastic start by not being fazed when asked to use counters to fin d remainders for calculations involving some smaller values. Several of the children commented straight away ’that this was like the arrays work’ that they had completed when we were talking multiplication lessons. They then used this discovery to find remainders for some large values. The week became a little more complicated when they then moved to using a formal written method to solve division questions with a single digit divisor. After a few bumpy starts the majority of the class finished the week with a positive feeling about their formal calculations. 

The week’s English lessons began with the children using actions for the Tree Giant text and finding different ways to capture the different language that is used in the text. The children then quickly progressed to looking at their reading comprehension skills. I was very pleased when the children were able to identify what they needed to remember to do to improve the answers to questions about a text. They supported one another brilliantly as they tackled a couple of reading activities. Some of the children were less excited when at the end of the week they completed their termly reading assessment.

Over the course of the week the children have worked together to create four fantastic designs for the painted jars that they will be selling as part of the Christmas Enterprise. The individually hand painted jars will be on sale for £3. They will make superb Christmas table centre pieces, fireplace decorations; Christmas jars which could be filled with sweets or jams, or simple given as a gift. Remember to come and purchase one before they are all sold out on the Christmas Enterprise afternoon.

Unfortunately the our attendance was a disappointing 94.6%
We collected a pleasing 10 handshakes.
Our composer of the week was Charlie for working hard and having a go even when he was finding the work difficult.