14th November 2016

Last week in maths we started by identifying numbers which had been misplaced in Venn Diagrams based around times table facts. W then drew different multiplication arrays. Our arrays helped to solve multiplication calculations that had either one number missing or both numbers missing. On are speed squares we got much better scores than the week before. Many of us moved up the times table ladder.

In English we wrote our own wishing tales. They were amazing! Lots of us got to read out our openings to the class. We achieved are targets or including speech adverbs; ly’ and ‘ed’ openers; and including three-part action sentences. 

Our topic work was geography. We learned were all the continents of the world were. We enjoyed using the atlases and looking at the different countries and their capital cities. We also learnt where the Sahara desert was and about some of the people and creatures that live there.   

We also painted the Diva lamps that we made during our Diwali week work.      
Our attendance was 95.9%
We collected 12 handshakes.
Our composer of the week was Stephen for the effort that he put into his writing and his Mathematics – even when he wasn’t sure whether he was going to be successful.

Written by Amelia and Callie