3rd October 2016

4 John Williams have continued to work hard this week and produced some lovely pieces of work. 

In English, the children have focussed their attention on two of their writing targets. They worked in pairs to role play a conversation between two of the characters form Jack and the Bean stalk. They then used a mobile phone simulator to turn their conversation into a series of linked text messages. This was then converted into a written conversation which included speech marks. Whilst doing that they had to add an appropriate verb and adverb to describe how the speech was being said. Towards the end of the wee they used pictures from the story to begin to write three part action sentences. 

The children have found this week’s mathematics challenging. They have been tackling a series of activities which have helped them to develop their understanding of rounding numbers. By the end of the week they were rounding four digit numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. Below is an example of their work. I was particularly pleased with how the children didn’t give up even when they made mistakes or became slightly confused.

During the topic sessions the children listened to Bill Withers 1972 song ‘Lean on Me.’ The children quickly identify the theme of the song and were able to explain the means of the verses. They were all able to give a reasoned opinion of the song.

Last week we collected only 2 handshakes.
Our attendance was a disappointing 93.2%

Our composer of the week was Amelia for the fantastic independent editing of her three part sentences.