17th October 2016

4 John Williams have once again surpassed their exceptional best. It has been a very rewarding week which has seen many children take steps in their learning that they weren’t sure that they could take.

In English, the children have used the writing skills that we have practised, combined it with the Jack and the Beanstalk story then learned; then used their planned changes to write some amazing stories of their own. The children have taken great care to make sure that they have used adverbs for speech; started sentences with ly or ed words and phrases; and included three part action sentences. I have asked several of the children to read an extract from their stories for you to listen to.

In mathematics the children worked extremely hard to solve subtraction questions. They spent time working with counters and place value apparatus to show that they understood why and how to exchange a value. They extended this to included values which included an inconveniently placed zero. Many of the children went even further and dealt with questions where they needed to exchange across three place values. 

Thursday was Harvest festival. The children brought in a substantial amount of food and participated in our assembly. If you haven’t seen it, visit the link on the website.
Well done 4JW!

Last week we collect seven handshakes.
Our attendance was a pleasing 98.6%
Our composer of the week was Liam for his excellent game development in PE and for working hard on his beanstalk writing.