10th October 2016

Last week was another busy week in 4 John Williams. The children continued to prepare for this week’s harvest festival by practising their songs and even making some interesting films with Miss King. However the majority of the week was focussed on their English and Mathematics work.

In Mathematics the children built on the place value skills that they had spent the last few weeks extending. They used this knowledge to undertake a series of addition investigations which improved their ability to solve vertical calculations. It has been pleasing to see the children becoming more confident when dealing with larger numbers and completing four digit calculations. They were even able to solve some interesting problems where digits had been replaced by letters. The children had to use their knowledge of number bonds, and a bit of logical thinking, to identify what value each letter was worth. They ended their week’s mathematics by carrying out some practical measuring activities. They used rulers and measuring cylinders to combine different measures which checked the vertical calculations that they had already completed.

For their English work the children spent a significant amount of the week thinking about the ‘Dream Jars’ in Roald Dahl’s BFG. The children used either a strange dream that they could remember or invented an unusual one. They produced some good pieces of descriptive writing which include being kidnapped by penguins, taken on police chases, and even being flushed down a giant toilet by horses. It was pleasing to see the children using inverted commas and adverbs as part of any speech that they included. Many also included the challenging three part action sections that we had worked on last week.

Last week our attendance was only 97.3%
We collected 7 handshakes
Our composer of the week was Phoebe for positive attitude and hardworking approach

Written by Mr Haslam