23rd April 2018

“Here comes the summer,” Was certainly the call in 4JW last week.

The children returned to school and began our new topic of the Stone Age. As a result, the open class test is ‘Stone Age Boy’. The children looked at the text from the story and identified how the character had travelled in time. I also challenged the children to write their own ‘time-slip’ story which lead to some interesting pieces of writing. We identified the need to add prepositional phrases to children’s writing so spent a lesson looking at prepositions for time, location and movement.

Mathematics focused on decimals. The children expanded their use of place value to be able to explain all the elements with a two decimal place number. They also looked at reciprocal values when using decimals to make a whole number. This lead to the children partition one unit into three different values.

We completed our unit of work in sound. The children enjoyed seeing how a piano worked and then used ‘Boom Wackers’ to investigate how the pitch of a note can be changed. I was very impressed with their initial knowledge as the children could all identified that sounds were vibrations. They quickly gave clear explanations for how these vibrations were passed through the air into our ears.

Our new topic during computer lessons is blogging. The children began to write their first entries for the class blog on Purple Mash. The aim of their first posts was to introduce themselves. This also led to a very important discussion around e-safety and the need to think about what personal information you share. The children were able to explain the need to think carefully before typing and even identified some clever ways of giving information but without including important facts that would reveal too much.

Our star of the week was Adwyn who played the piano as part of our sound lesson.

2nd April 2018

Well for a short week we have really packed in the work.

Monday was Mountain day. The children had a fabulous day as we made base camp on the school field. They were sorting into six expedition groups. They then spent the day completing different challenges. Some time was spent learning how to tie different knots, a session was spent drawing different pieces of mountaineering equipment, a third session allowed the children to cook and eat some mountaineering food, whilst the fourth session saw the children reflecting on being a climber whilst writing a diary.


However, the two main activities were far more physical. The first was to lap the field as often as possible whilst carrying weighted back packs. The children’s main challenge was to spend forty-five minutes using the school bouldering wall to complete as many traverses as possible. The children showed great resilience and worked extremely well as groups.

Over the other three days in school the children have undertaken different fractions investigations, written a short piece of dialogue as both a script and a narrative and completed a piece of formula based Excel work.

Our attendance was a disappointing 95.1%

Our composer of the week was Mia for her focused approach to her work.

26th March 2018

Another fascinating week in 4JW has flown by.

Mathematics once again saw the children doing battle with fractions. It has made Mr Haslam very proud to see the children using their knowledge to explain how a bar model can be used to help them solve different problems. These have included finding fractions of quantities and inverse questions. What has also been pleasing as the children have revisited some of the questions from the resent assessments and discovered that were tricky two weeks ago were actually quite simple.

English has also been very talkative as the children have continued to look at speech. However, whilst recent weeks has involved play scripts, this week has been a return to narrative. The children have used some scripted speech, including some famous lines from history, and converted them to a narrative form. This has involved the children in thinking about where to place both inverted commas and commas. They even rose to the challenge of manipulating the sentences to change where the said verb was used.

The children used fabric and paints to design and make prayer flags which we will use to decorate our base camp during Monday’s mountain day work. In a final attempt to be physically fit ready for our climbing of Everest, we completed the Sports Relief Mile and helped to raise a little bit of money to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Our attendance was 95.1%.
Our composer of the week was Korben for the quality and quantity of his explanations in mathematics.

19th March 2018

A huge thank you to 4JW for how hard they worked last week.

In English the children compared an extract from Norman Hunter’s ‘Disaster at the Royal Disco’ with a script extract for the same story. They produced two excellent cheat sheets for how to write dialogue in both forms. They then worked in groups to produce small pieces of drama based around events that are mentioned in Phillip Pullman’s ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter.’ One member of each group then took the role of cinematographer and filmed their scene. They then used these films to help them produce play scripts.

Mathematics saw the children working on explaining equivalent fractions and solving some reasoning challenges based on the fractions work that they had completed. The children also spent time looking at their current mathematics targets. They played several games as a class and with their partners to prove that they could add and subtract fractions. This also led to an interesting conversation about whether you could have a fraction which was bigger than a whole.

Our attendance was a pleasing 99%
Our composer of the week was Hollie who pushed herself with her mathematics and produced some good explanations.