16th July 2018

Aspirations Week.

This week has seen Year 4 being visited by a range of different people from different professions and careers. The children enjoyed listening to the different stories that the people had to tell. They were fascinated by how the different people journeys had taken in different directions and enjoyed finding out where their next steps could take them. Whether it was an NHS executive, a mental health nurse or a hospitality manager the children were keen to ask questions and it appeared to open the children’s eyes to a wider range of work possibilities.

When not being visited the children’s English studies continued. They began to plan the character profiles and events that will led to a story entitled, ‘Who kidnapped MR Carter.’ Mrs Goulders introductory film can been seen below. Some of the reasons and ideas that the children put forward show that they had a varied and entertaining imagination.

Mathematics continued with some angles work. The fact that it was Friday 13th seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Therefore the children were challenged to write questions which covered all of the mathematical areas that we have covered over the year. Obviously all of this questions also had to link to the number 13.

Our attendance was 99.4%.

Our composer of the week was Archie for his excellent Stone Age tools that he made as part of his topic homework.

9th July 2018

It’s been assessment week. Once again, the children rose to the challenges that they were set and performed to their very best. I was pleased with both their efforts and their results.

Away from the assessments the children spent time designing posters to advertise the school Summer Fair on Saturday 14th July, 1pm. 

It was also transition day on Wednesday. The children enjoyed meeting their new teachers and came back excited about September.
Our attendance was a disappointing 94.2%.

Our composer of the week was Daisey for the extra mathematics work that she completed at home.

2nd July 2018

Well that was a busy week. Co-ordinates, instructions, colour runs and inspectors.

4JW spent the week working on writing their instructions for ‘How to clean a Smilodon.’ I was very impressed with how the children sorted four different examples of opening sentences. They then used some of the ideas and ‘Walked and Talked’ their own introductions. Time was then spent considering the process that would be needed to return a sabre-tooth cat to its prime condition. As you can see from the photographs below, the children produced some superb pieces of work.

Mathematics began with the children completing a geometry cold task. This identified co-ordinates as being an area that we needed to work on. The children enjoyed using large grids to position objects. They then chose to investigate how many different squares, trapeziums or parallelograms they could find on a 5 by 5 quadrant. It was particularly pleasing to hear them explaining how to write a co-ordinate, and how their knowledge of the alphabet helps them to remember which value goes first.

Topic lessons were spent looking at how to draw a smilodon and a woolly mammoth. These initial attempts will be used over the next few weeks to help develop some final charcoal and chalk drawings. Watch this space.

The class completed its summer enterprise project. They held a cup stacking competition during playtimes which raised £27 and make £19.50 profit. The fastest times were achieved by Try in Year 2 (12.3 seconds), Charlotte in Year 3 (9.4 Seconds), Rose in Year 4 (6.2 seconds), Charlie in Year 5 (6 seconds) and Adrian in Year 6 (6.8 seconds.) Prizes will be awarded next week to all of the winners.

Our attendance was a slightly disappointing 95.7%

Our composer of the week is Isaac for his fantastic general knowledge.

25th June 2018

4JW have been hungry for knowledge, so we decided to do some food testing as part of our R.E. Work on Hinduism. On Wednesday, we had a food tasting afternoon, in addition to completing craft activities. We tried poppadums, naan bread, flat bread and a variety of dips and sauces. Almost everybody had a try – even children who were quite insistent that they really didn’t like the food! Well done those brave children who discovered something new that they liked. On Thursday, we set up a samosa subway shop. Children were given a piece of filo pastry which they filled up at different tables with vegetables and spices, before folding it over and popping it on a baking tray. Everybody got to try their samosa before break - with mixed reviews! We hope that some children will be able to utilise their samosa making skills and provide you with a Hindu inspired feast!

This week we have returned to our Literacy unit on instructional writing and begun our planning to write a set of instructions about how to give Matthew the mammoth a thoroughly good cleaning! On Monday we played a game where we had to give our group instructions but were only allowed to use 1 word each time. This was great fun and during our feedback time discussed how the words we had used were all verbs, specifically imperative verbs. We then investigated the different imperative verbs we can use when giving instructions regarding personal hygiene and completed a table matches our ideas up to the most appropriate mammoth body part. We then looked at how we could start with our imperative verb and then expand our explanations. This allowed the children to use all (or at the very least – most) of the skills that we they have developed over the course of the year. We then spent time looking of different prepositions that are used on clean products instructions. This soon turned into a version of Pointless which saw children trying to think of words which no other group would have thought of. Well done to the ten pairs of children who earned house points as a result.

In Maths, we have continued our work on statistics. We were challenged to create a line graph which we can use to show continuous data. We were able to link the ideas that we looked at last week with bar charts and extend our thinking to explain how line graphs were constructed. We then send a lesson creating stories to go with different line graphs. We also covered a little bit of revision work on fractions.

Our attendance was a slightly disappointing 96.6%

Our composer of the week was Isabella for being brave and trying some of the different foods on offer.