11th March 2019

The Mosque, the book and the apostrophe.

Another busy week has seen lots of interesting work taking place in 4JW. Wednesday was the highlight of the week as we visited the Madinah Mosque in Sheffield. The chance to visit a place of worship is always a fascinating experience and the children revelled in the experience. I was very impressed by the questions that the children were asking, and pleased to see that the different elements of the Islamic faith that we had covered in the class, were used when talking to our guides. The children were very interested in the different clocks and the size of the prayer halls. However once again the massive chandelier received probably the biggest gasps of the day. There was certainly an excited buzz from the first glimpses of the mosque from the bus window through to the chatter on the bus on the way home.

Thursday was world book day. The children enjoyed listening to stories, writing their own non-sense stories and completing the Nursery Rhyme Headline quiz. The non-sense stories involved the children being given a collection of sentence starts which required finishing. After adding in the missing component, the paper was folded and passed to the next writer. Once the six sentences of the story had been completed, the paper was unfolded and the full story could then be read. As you can imagine we ended with some very weird and wonderful short stories.

Through the rest of the week, the children have continued with their usual work. Mathematics has mainly focussed on simplifying fractions. Whilst English lessons have seen the children working on some of the skills that they will need to complete their new writing targets. Possessive apostrophes have been a significant part of the work completed. The children have found it challenging to identify what happens with words when they are pluralised, especially the irregular words.

Our Mathematics star was Thomas for his work when simplifying fractions.

Our English star was Albie for his contributions to class discussion throughout the week.

4th March 2019

Leaping out of February and marching into March.

The first week of the new half term has been a busy and productive week. The children have leapt into the new English focus of newspaper reports. After trying to write cold task based on one of the key events from Arthur and the Golden rope, it was clear that the children had a reasonable understanding of television and radio news. They all had used some form of quote and were aware of including the key points of information. We then completed a reading task linked to a Viking newspaper account of the raids are Lindisfarne. To end the week we pulled another newspaper report a part and used it to identify the key features and created a shopping list of things that we needed to remember for our next piece of writing.

Mathematics lessons focussed on the fun and fascinating world of fractions. The children were able to draw on their knowledge of finding unit fractions and develop this when faced with a larger denominator. This also provided an opportunity to revisit bus stop method division and gave the children a chance to apply their times table knowledge.

We have had a busy week with different members of staff and visitors coming and watching our lessons. We are pleased to report that these visitors enjoyed their time in 4JW and left commenting on how hard working and enthusiastic we all are.

Our Mathematics star was Aloma for her excellent contributions and use of mathematical vocabulary.

Our English star was Brooke for her reflective attitude towards her writing.

Our attendance was 99.4%

18th February 2019

Battling Dragon, area and even an eye ball!

As we have reached half term we have completed our writing work which has been inspired by the book ‘Arthur and the Golden Ribbon.’ In the story Arthur outwits several mythological creatures. So, using a wonderful piece of fantasy art work the children have worked hard to produce short pieces of effective description. Below are several examples of the children writing. I was personally pleased to see the care that the children had taken in choosing how they were going to expand their down phrases.

Area and perimeter continued to be the theme for the class’ mathematics. I gave the children several investigation which made the children think carefully about the link between these two forms of measure. I was pleased to see how the children had explained the patterns that they had identified. Several of the children even began to try and use some algebra to express some of their findings. We ended the week by completing their area hot task and the fractions cold task.


In other news, Liam brought in the mini science project that he had completed at home. He had used some artists san and a bead to create a miniature model of an eyeball.

As we have collected quite a lot of attendance awards, we decided to cash three in and have a morning of baking. The children really enjoyed making simple white bread loaves and bread cakes. Their kneading skills proved to be excellent as their dough rose brilliantly. The photographs below so how much fun we had.

11th February 2019

Assessment Week

It has been assessment week, which means the children have been showing what they can do. I could not be more pleased with the children’s attitudes and how they tackled the tests. In their answers for the reading test, the children provided more detail and evidence, which showed that the work we have completed in class has been helpful. As they completed the mathematics tests, I had more hands going up and asking for questions to be read. This was pleasing as it showed how the children were thinking more carefully about the mathematics that they were using. As a class, we were proud of our results but also pleased to identify the things that we can now see we need to focus on for the next term.

This week also saw Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. The children had a lot of fun completing activities that got them to think about consent. They had a very interesting discussion about passwords and access codes and how these should be shared. They also identified the key terms that are used by companies when dealing with user’s data and how it is kept safe.

Our English star was Hannah for her amazing test score.

Our Maths star was Tilly for her contributions during class discussions.

Our attendance was only 97.0%

4th February 2019

Another busy week came and went.

The children enjoyed reading ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope.’ As we read through the story the people were able to make good predictions and used evidence to support their thinking. The children also completed cold tasks were they were asked to write stories about heroes battling monsters. This has helped to identify new writing targets which will focus on using expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases. As a result we also spent a lesson looking at clauses and phrases.

Mathematics lessons were spent solving mixed word problems. The children used objects, drawing, key word identification to decide on the appropriate operation and then solve the questions. BY the end of the week the children were beginning to challenge themselves to write simple word problems. A few had even had a go at making their problems more challenging by adding information that wasn’t needed.

On Thursday, the children spent some time learning how to draw basic long boats. Below are some of their completed and nearly completed drawings.

Tilly showed how amazing the children in 4JW are as she had spent time making each child a felt patch with their initial on. She had enjoyed using the sewing machine that she had been given as a Christmas present and was able to explain the process to the class. A photo of the children and their patches can be seen below.

Our maths star was Callum for his explanations skills.

Our English Star was Ollie for his imaginative writing.

28th January 2019

.Mr Shippey and the multiplying escaped animal

This week we were joined by Mr Shippey who spent the week helping out not only in 4JW but across the whole of Year 4. The children enjoyed seeing a new face and soon welcomed into the class. The children completed their hot writing tasks and several children were able to bounce their ideas off of him and found his advice and hints useful. The whole class certainly produced some of their best pieces of writing this week. Their animal escape story were very carefully constructed and showed all of the skills that they had learnt about using different sentence lengths. Some videos of the children reading paragraphs from their story can be found below.

The children completed a collection of practical and written multiplication tasks. Their understanding of how a multiplication calculation is constructed increased and they were soon linking their place value knowledge to their addition skills and showing how this was multiplication simplified. Here’s hoping that we can use this with word problem this week.

Our Maths Star was Ava for how she developed her multiplication skills.

Our English Star was Louis, who made some excellent vocabulary choices within his writing.