15th January 2018


On Monday 8th 4JW erupted into life after the holidays. The children seem very excited by our new topic of Rock Stars. They enjoyed looking at the starting point pictures that are on display in the classroom and soon began to give thoughtful answers to some of my larger questions. Why are there different types of rock? What affects where people choose to live? Is there such a thing as ‘good’ weather? Where do you live?

English has revolved around a short video entitled ‘Lily and the Snowman.’ Before watching the video, the children used still images from the story and made predictions about what they expected to happen. They then enjoyed seeing which of their predictions were accurate and where the original short differed from their own. In the story Lily makes a snowman which comes to life and shows her shadow puppet films. So that she doesn’t lose her magical friend she decides to keep him in her freezer. Over the course of the week, the children carried out class discussions to decide whether they thought Lily’s actions were sensible. They then used these ideas and reasons to write a persuasive letter to try and get Lily to either continue keeping the snowman in the freezer or to let him out and leave him in the garden.

Mathematics saw the children recap multiplying by multiples of tens before moving on to looking at division. The children soon identified the number of places that a value moves when divided by different multiples of ten. They then used this to play a dice game entitled ‘1st to a Million.’ Each child started with the value 1000. Then by rolling a dice they decided if they needed to multiply by 10 (1), multiply by 100 (2), multiply by 1000 (3), divide by 10 (4), divide by 100 (5) or divide by 1000 (6). The children also completed their end of unit hot task which showed the progress that they had made.

Finally to end the week, in addition to researching different countries to find out their capital city, currency and pound exchange rate for £1, the children also began to make volcanoes. Below are pictures of the children hard at work. Remember to visit over the next few weeks to see how our models develop.

Our attendance was a very pleasing 99%.

Our composer of the week was Rose for the extra effort that she put in at home to research the flags of different countries.

18th December 2017

After lasts weeks assessments, this week has been far more hands on and practical. Wednesday afternoon was the schools Christmas Enterprise afternoon. So naturally time was spent on Monday and Tuesday preparing. The children helped to create very efficient production lines as they painted the glass baubles that we had ordered. Their designs looked magnificent in paper, however once a small team had applied second coats where needed, and touched up parts where colours had strayed, the finished baubles were certainly eye catching.

They then spent time creating a simple net which then allowed them to produce the 70 parts that made up the 35 boxes. By the end of the afternoon selling, the stall was sold out and the children were pleased with the profit that they had made. They have decided to send £40 to a charity which will be decided next week and they will use some of the money to treat themselves.

Away from the enterprise sessions the children have focussed their attention on science and electricity. They had a fantastic day on Thursday working with Mr Roberts. The children were quickly able to make simple circuits and use these to test other materials for their conductivity. They moved on to using cardboard, foil and pegs to create different switches. The photos below show some of the children’s work.

The frost earlier in the week also provided an opportunity to carry out some science, some art and have a bit of fun. 

We collected 15 handshakes.

9th December 2017

Assessments, sickness and bombing. 
Last week was assessment week. Whilst this is not everybody’s idea of a fun filled time, 4JW worked hard and tried their very hardest to show off all of the skills that they have developed over the course of the term. It was pleasing to see the children using the different techniques, processes and skills that they had produced alongside demonstrating the knowledge that they have gained.

Unfortunately the sickness bug struck our class and even with renewed reminders to wash our hands our attendance took a significant hit. Never mind children. When you are ill you are ill and there is nothing you can do about that.

However we ended the week by testing out the children’s Anderson Shelters. Given that the children had clearly taken a great deal of time and put in an enormous amount of effort it did seem a shame to drop a kilogram weight on to them. Many of the children’s shelters survived with minimal damage whilst the odd ones proved to be less successful. The videos and photos can be seen shortly.

Our attendance was a very sickly 92%.
We collected 3 handshakes.
Our composer of the week was Leon for the determination that he showed hen completing the reading test.