15th October 2018

Another week appears to have disappeared in the blink of a giant’s eye. Once again the children in 4JW have been absolutely amazing. Over the course of the week, not only have I felt proud of their work, but I have been very impressed by their maturity and approach to activities that I have set.

They have spent a significant part of the week working on their version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Many have had fun changing the gender of the characters, modernising the items that were taken from the giant and finding ways to adapt some well-known phrases. I have been particularly pleased with how the children have support one another and helped each other to develop their writing. One example was when I heard Hannah say to her partner, “Let me just stop you there… Just read that bit again... Does it make sense?” To find out more about their amazing stories come back next week and see some of their final presented stories.

In addition the children have used their addition and subtraction skills to identify the types of questions that they find difficult. Time has then been spent working on their ability to explain why these questions are more challenging. Hopefully, by identifying the difficulty the children will be more able to find a strategy that will enable them to correctly solve problems in the future.

In addition the children have enjoyed working on your Picasso inspired giant head drawings.

In PE, I have grouped the children so that they can take the dance work that they have completed in pairs and combine this to create group performances. This again led to me over hearing another fantastic piece of dialogue. After trying out a new section for their routine Alfie turned to his groups and said, “That’s a good move but we can’t do it as it might be dangerous. We could easily end up banging our heads.”

Our attendance was only 97.8%

Our star of the week has to be Hannah for her fantastic work on her writing.

8th October 2018

A Tyre-ing week for 4JW

Last week’s English sessions focussed on creating detailed and interesting sentences. The children spent time thinking about which verbs could be used to describe a characters actions. They then identified three verbs and used these to create a single sentence which contained all three actions. Towards the end of the week, they then moved to looking at adverbs and adverbial phrases. Some time was spent moving these adverbs around the sentences and experimenting with fronted adverbials.

Mathematics brought the finishing touches to the children’s rounding knowledge. We then moved onto to investigating four digit numbers. The children used different apparatus to initial partition the numbers. This was then extended through process of exchanging to find different ways to create the same value.

In other news, the children began rehearsing the songs for the upcoming harvest festival. They spent time looking at the life of Pablo Picasso in preparation for creating a ‘giant’ painting in his style. The school gardening club took delivery of a load of tyres. These were kindly donated by Lodge Tyres. The children enjoyed unloading them and helping to roll them into the school garden.

Our attendance was another superb 99.6%.

Our composer of the week was Alfie for his continued enthusiasm.

1st October 2018

Team Amazing Strike Again!

Just when you think you have an amazing class they go and surpass themselves.

Another busy week in maths has seen us struggling over the concept of rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Most of the class are about there and the rest I’m certain will have well and truly cracked it by the end of next week.

English has focused on how speech is written and set out. The children’s confidence with inverted commas, their use of synonyms and their ability to add suitable adverbs has definitely increased.

In addition to this the children have completed several Road Safety week activities. The people who brought the road safety quiz into school were very impressed by the children’s safety knowledge. In preparation for the remembrance display at Thoresby Hall the children spent time painting poppies.

Poppy Painting 6.JPG

Wednesday was European Language Day, Year 4 used our class theme of composers and music and investigated the names of different instruments in several European languages. We also listen to different pieces of music by some of the greatest composers from across Europe.

Friday was Ganesh’s Birthday, so for our RE we spent the day celebrating and investigating the Hindu deity. The children had a good go at some celebration dancing. They spent time creating some very effective masks.

In this week’s videos we have included a little musical Easter Egg.

Our attendance was an unsurpassed 100%.

Our composer of the week was Thomas for his amazing mask.

24th September 2018

The first full week of term seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.

4JW invite you to sit and enjoy the videos and photographs showing some of last week’s work.

The English sessions were spent learning and interpreting Pie Corbett’s version of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ By the end of the week the children had made some suggestions for changes that they can make when they come to write their ‘twisted’ version of the story.

Mathematics focused on the Roman’s system for recording values. Lots of fun was had as the children completed several physical mathematics activities. In addition to that the children completed their work looking at magnets, learnt the names of some instruments in Spanish and started work on a forces inspired dance.

Our attendance was 99.4%

Our composer of the week was Aloma for the additional mathematics work that she completed at home. She linked the Roman numerals work with the class investigation work to produce some amazing solutions. There are also honorable mentions for Ava and Reece who also brought in additional work that they had completed at home on the Roman numerals theme.

17th September 2018

4JW Best Class In School!

The children returned from their summer holidays filled with energy and excitement. They soon settled into the routines of class life and produced some superb pieces of work. They have started learning about magnets and forces; written a version of Jack and the Beanstalk before looking at Pie Corbett’s version; completed calculations using all of the four operations; danced to 3 Daft Monkeys; elected a school councillor who received ¾ of the class votes; designed and built marshmallow and spaghetti towers; danced to Nellie the Elephant; and mixed concrete to hold up their reading flowers. Many of these activities are illustrated by the photographs and video below.

Our attendance was a superb 99.4%.

Our composer of the week was Brooke for the quality of her thinking and answering of questions.