12th March 2018

It had reached that point in the term when formal assessments needed to be completed. So a large part of last week’s sessions were spent carrying out tests in reading, grammar, spelling, arithmetic and mathematical reasoning. As always, the children gave their all and performed to their highest standards. Well done children, I was pleased with how you performed and it has shown where we need to go next.

One of the more exciting sessions was when Mr Grayson brought along his collection of books and some photographs that he had taken whilst climbing in Scotland, Europe and the Himalayas. He also brought along most of his climbing equipment. The children really enjoyed hearing about his exploits and having the chance to handle some of the different pieces of climbing gear. It has certainly whetted our appetites and got us ready for our attempt to ‘climb’ Mount Everest at the end of the term. (Don’t panic - we won’t be leaving the school grounds or charging the 50K that a trip to the top of the world usually costs.)

Also during the week, the children used chocolate to demonstrate how different rocks are formed. They successfully melted chocolate to create lava which, once poured and allowed to set, created igneous rocks. Then using a peeler and a fork showed the effects of wind and water on rocks and created a sedimentary structure. Finally, through pressure and heat, the children attempted to make metamorphic rock. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite end up as well the children expected but only because they left me in charge of doing the heating - I’m sorry I burnt the chocolate, children!

Friday was our World Book Day. The children looked amazing in their different outfits. It was great to see so many parents coming and enjoying sharing books with their children and their friends. The year fours had a lot of fun when they completed in DJ Banana’s Opening Lines quiz. Well done to the winning team - Daisey, Evie and Jack, who won with 21 out of 35 correctly identified children’s books.

Our attendance was only 94.7%.
Our composer of the week was Leon for his excellent dialogue writing.

19th February 2018

A hurricane of artistic talent has blown through 4JW.

English last week saw the children reducing the story of ‘Escape form Pompeii’ down to the three most important elements. The children then used these to create some amazing comic strips. The level of detail and care that was being taken, with both the visual and written text, was superb. Below are pictures of some of the work both in progress and when completed.

Mathematics focus was area. The children quickly developed a good understanding and were soon able to calculate the area of rectangles. Well done. 

The children used sand to create imprints of animals. They have then filled these with interior powder filler. After half term we will remove the sand and hopefully found our fossils.

Our attendance was a slightly disappointing 93.8%
Our composer of the week was Kiran for both his comic strip and his general knowledge.

12th February 2018

Like a good British day’s weather, it’s been a real mixed bag this week in 4JW. 

Mathematics saw the children looking at solving worded problems. Mrs Hilton-Loom had written a mixture of dastardly calculations in disguise which certainly got the class thinking. They started the week by being asked to simply pick out those that involved multiplication. This allowed the children to reinforce the skills that they had developed last week. Then the children moved on to answering all of the questions, however, they had to sort them into the calculations that were used and then answer them as a block. The children finished the week by following a multiplication trail which, by finding the answers, allowed them to discover the secret words that allowed them access to the Factor Fortune.

English saw the beginning of a new book. The children used pictures to ask questions and make predictions about the story before it was revealed. Below are a series of videos which show how Mia and James’ story and thinking developed. Once the story was revealed to be ‘Escape from Pompeii’ the children enjoyed listening to the story. Before spending time mag-pieing interesting and effective setting descriptions from the text.

Friday proved to be a very exciting day as, not only did we complete the mathematics trail, but we also took the beautifully created volcanoes and caused them to erupt. The children had been asked to investigate different ways that we could replicate the eruption. They came back with the idea of using fizzy orange and Mentos, or vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. On further testing we discovered that the Mentos and pop worked brilliantly in a bottle but not in the cups that were the centre of our volcanoes. Therefore, armed with vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and red food colouring the children merrily went about destroying their fabulous art work. Photos and videos of the eruptions can be seen below.

Our attendance was a very disappointing 94%. Second lowest in the school.
Our composer of the week was Mia for not giving up and keeping trying even when she was finding the work more difficult.

5th February 2018

There has been a positive tsunami of good work produced this week.
Below you will see the photographs of some of the children’s finished poems. They took care when editing their own work and also used their peers’ suggestions to help them improve on their original writing. They then showed amazing concentration and care as they copied their work up. Finally they added some superb drawings of volcanoes erupting.

Mathematics concentrated on written methods for solving multiplications. The children spent time using and developing their skills with both the expanded and formal written methods of multiplication. They then considered the merits of both methods and evaluated which would be most appropriate for a calculation. Finally several of the children began the difficult task of trying to write a clear set of instructions that would allow somebody to be able to complete a formal multiplication involving a three digit and a one digit number.

In addition to their volcano drawings, the children used some runny paint and straws to blow pictures of eruptions. A lot of fun was had and the children again ended the session with some impressive pictures.

Our attendance was, once again, a very pleasing 98.9%
4JW’s leading house was Garnet who achieved 15 house points last week.
Our composer of the week was Adwyn for her poetry work.