15th July 2019

The End of Time

The penultimate full week of the academic year proved to be another amazing week. Given the wonderful warm weather we took the chance at every opportunity to take our lessons outside. In mathematics we carried out a time based orienteering activity. We even gave the children a chance to write their own orienteering course. We also used some of our attendance vouchers to have an extra PE session where the children were given equipment and encouraged to organise their own games.

Whilst in the classroom the children finished off the time unit of work and showed in the hot tasks all the skills that they had developed. They also continued their research in whales ready to write their whale information text. As part of the English work, the children received several short pieces of text which had some issues with the verb tenses that were being used. They used their editing skills to identify where mistakes had been made and suggested the corrections that were needed. Topic sessions were spent finishing the sea creatures that they had been sewing. Some children had time to create coloured sketches of some interesting and unusual sea creatures.

Our Mathematics star was Thomas for his hard working attitude

Our English star was Ava for her whales’ research.

8th July 2019

Down the pipe.

Once again, 4JW have had a very mixed and busy week. It saw the beginning of a new English topics, the extending of the mathematics work and the creation of a box of rats.

Our English topic has moved on to writing to inform. The children have considered different places that we encounter information texts, whether that’s warnings, signs and instructions or encyclopaedias of knowledge. They looked at a text designed to give information to travellers in the rainforests of Madagascar and South America which explained the dangers that they might face if they encountered a Giant Spider. Like these creatures with a trapped traveller, the children soon picked the text apart and identified how it had been structured. Having explained that they would be asked to write a text about whales at the end of the topic the children began to think about the information that they would need to find to help create a successful piece of writing.

Mathematics saw the children continue with their time work. At the beginning of the week I challenged the children to present me with all of the information that they already had. This resulted in time lines of facts and clock faces with moving hands being created. We then moved to looking at the importance of time notation and the confusion that could be caused if this wasn’t presented clearly. Finally, the children stepped from working with a 12 hour clock to a 24hr time piece. This created several interesting questions and led to several moments of inspiration as the children were able to identify the links and patterns in the conversations.

Friday was the school Summer Fair. For our class enterprise activity the children created a splat a rat stall. As a result, several pairs of socks were converted to become our rats which were tested to make sure that they slide down the pipes and exited at the required speed. A lot of fun was had by the children who ran the stall and a £16.90 profit was made.

Our English star was Zoe for her contributions in class discussion.

Our Mathematics star was Tilly for her growing confidence with time.

Matthew was chosen for Hot Chocolate Friday with Mrs Alford.

Our attendance was 99.6%

1st July 2019

It has been Eco-week and 4JW have embraced the ideas of plastic pollution and the effect that it has on our waterways. The children considered how a simple plastic bottle could go from the shops and end up as one of the 14 million pieces of litter that end up in our canals each year. They spent the week considering the hopes and aspirations of a humble plastic bottle and turned this into a story. All of their pieces ended with the plucky drinks container being rescued and taken for recycling.

Also on the ecology theme the children started an art unit which required them to design and make a stuffed sea creature. The children had to create designs before cutting out felt sections to sew together to make their creatures. We will be finishing these this week and adding some detailed designs.

Mathematics moved on to look at time. The children used their knowledge of converting between seconds, minutes and hours, alongside both analogue and digital clocks, to solve some simple word problems.

Our maths star of the week was Louis as he not only completed his work but helped those who were finding it a little bit more tricky.

Our English Star of the week was Liam for working hard and using his inventive imagination.

24th June 2019

Co-ordinating Plastics and road safety

Another action packed week in 4JW has produced many amazing pieces of work. The children have spent the week pulling all of the information that they have gathered about plastic pollution and linked it to their writing targets to produces some excellent persuasive pieces of writing. At the beginning of the week we decided to raise the expectations for this piece of work and have identified several political figures and some local companies that we will be sending our writing to.

Mathematics lessons have focussed on being able to read and write co-ordinates. The children were quickly drawing on their graphical skills to produces neat diagrams of different quadrilaterals and labelling the corners. This work then translated smoothly into looking at translation. Again the children were able to explain how a shape had been moved and use given translations to repositions shapes.

It has been road safety week so the children have spent time considering how they can keep themselves safe on the roads. We used a car in the car park as a starting point and made predictions about where the ca would stop if it was travelling at different speeds. We also completed an entertaining road safety quiz which included some interesting and unusual road signs from around the world.

Our English star was Hannah for her amazing persuasive writing.

Our Maths star was Olivia for her neat co-ordinates work.

17th June 2019

Assessment Week

Last week saw the children completing their summer assessments. I was extreme proud of how the children worked and showed the skills that they have developed. The children performed to their usual high standard and many excellent scores were achieved. The children were very pleased to see that their scores had improved but were also able to identify several places where they still needed to focus their attention. Well done children.

Away from test the children enjoyed our science sessions were we looked at classification keys. After producing classification keys for sorting the children in the class they moved on to looking at different animals. They used their knowledge of vertebrates and invertebrates as a starting point for some group classification key creations.

Our Maths star was Thomas as he achieved the highest score in the mathematics test.

Our English star was Aloma as she achieved the highest score in the reading test.

10th June 2019

Drawing a line with persuasion.

Welcome back to the last half term of the year. Wow! Really? Already?

The children quickly switched on their brains and were firing on full cylinders after the holidays. The mathematics this week has focussed on statistical representation or put more simple graphs. They started by creating some human bar charts and pictograms. As you can see from the photographs they were even able to use their faces to create sub-groups within their bars. This led to using graphs to answer questions before we stepped into the exciting world of line graphs. I was very impressed by the standard of the children’s first line graphs. Clearly we have some budding statisticians in 4JW.

English has moved onto persuasive writing. The children started the week by trying to write a letter to Mrs Alford to ask her to double playtimes. Whilst there were many good ideas given the end product showed that we needed to do a little bit of investigating into how to structure a piece of persuasive writing. So, using a text which outlined the reasons for banning smoking in public places, the children were able to see how the paragraph structure had been used and identify some useful words and phrases to magpie. In fact by the end of the session they were even identifying how the text could be improved. This meant that they were ready to start to think about our focus for this topic, ‘Plastic Pollution.’

The children spent Friday’s lesson identify the problems that plastics cause, finding some facts about plastics and trying to suggest alternatives. Hopefully they will continue these conversations over the weekend and bring back further ideas on Monday.

Topic lessons were spent investigating flowers. Earlier in the term they had looked at the flowers on several of the trees in the playground and identified the commonalities between them. So, they researched the names for the different parts of the flower and created their own human representation which is included in the photographs below.

Our attendance was 97.2%

Our maths star was Brooke for her neat graphs.

Our English star was Ava for her persuasive letter.