4th February 2019

Another busy week came and went.

The children enjoyed reading ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope.’ As we read through the story the people were able to make good predictions and used evidence to support their thinking. The children also completed cold tasks were they were asked to write stories about heroes battling monsters. This has helped to identify new writing targets which will focus on using expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases. As a result we also spent a lesson looking at clauses and phrases.

Mathematics lessons were spent solving mixed word problems. The children used objects, drawing, key word identification to decide on the appropriate operation and then solve the questions. BY the end of the week the children were beginning to challenge themselves to write simple word problems. A few had even had a go at making their problems more challenging by adding information that wasn’t needed.

On Thursday, the children spent some time learning how to draw basic long boats. Below are some of their completed and nearly completed drawings.

Tilly showed how amazing the children in 4JW are as she had spent time making each child a felt patch with their initial on. She had enjoyed using the sewing machine that she had been given as a Christmas present and was able to explain the process to the class. A photo of the children and their patches can be seen below.

Our maths star was Callum for his explanations skills.

Our English Star was Ollie for his imaginative writing.

28th January 2019

.Mr Shippey and the multiplying escaped animal

This week we were joined by Mr Shippey who spent the week helping out not only in 4JW but across the whole of Year 4. The children enjoyed seeing a new face and soon welcomed into the class. The children completed their hot writing tasks and several children were able to bounce their ideas off of him and found his advice and hints useful. The whole class certainly produced some of their best pieces of writing this week. Their animal escape story were very carefully constructed and showed all of the skills that they had learnt about using different sentence lengths. Some videos of the children reading paragraphs from their story can be found below.

The children completed a collection of practical and written multiplication tasks. Their understanding of how a multiplication calculation is constructed increased and they were soon linking their place value knowledge to their addition skills and showing how this was multiplication simplified. Here’s hoping that we can use this with word problem this week.

Our Maths Star was Ava for how she developed her multiplication skills.

Our English Star was Louis, who made some excellent vocabulary choices within his writing.

21st January 2019

Collaboration has been this week’s key word.

Not as a spelling, but as the method by which many of the pieces of work have been completed. The children have worked together to pull apart the key characters and structures of the ‘Charlotte’s Web’ extract that they learnt last week. They then used these to suggest possible heroes and scenarios that they could use when they write their own versions next week. In history, the children furthered their study of the Vikings by considering why these people chose to leave their homes and travel across the seas to find new land. This then had them thinking about how the people on these voyages, and those that were left behind, would have felt. They also identified the possible different experiences that the Vikings may have had. By the end of the week they were using these to begin to write an extract from a Viking diary.

Mathematics has focused on developing the children’s understanding of multiplication. They began the week by looking at how bar models could be used to show multiplications of values beyond those that they have learnt in their times tables. This then moved to the idea of being able to solve multiplications involving three numbers. Finally, these skills were put to the test as the children tackled different word problems – or mathematical stories without endings, as we like to call them.

Our ‘extraordinary me’ time has made use of some of the excellent materials found at the BBC Super Movers website. We have particularly enjoyed the Danger Mouse Challenges.

This week Liam was awarded our English certificate for improving his reading. Whilst, Hannah collected the Mathematics award for her independent work when solving problems.

Our attendance was 98.9%

14th January 2019

Happy New Year.

The first week back has flown by in a blur. The children have returned geared up and ready to get back to work which has been very pleasing.

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White is the first text of the term. The children enjoyed listening to the beginning of the story and using clues form the first page to identify where eth story was set. They then wrote their own animal escape story before reading the extract where Wilbur breaks loose from his pen. The children ended the week by examining how the author had used a mixture of long and short sentences to change the feelings for the reader.

Mathematics saw the children becoming dizzy with decimals. Using the skills honed last term to multiply and divide by ten, one hundred and one thousand, they investigated what happens with decimal values. This allowed the children to look more closely at money and measurements.

The children’s natural curiosity certainly proved evident as we started their new topic called ‘I am Warrior.’ The theme for the term will be the Viking invaders and settlers. The children began to think about where these people originally lived and what might have made them begin to explore from their homelands.

Our attendance was a very pleasing 98.9%

Our composer of the week was Lucy for the effort that she put into her escape story.

17th December 2018

Before we get to this week’s main events, let’s have a quick look at Mathematics and English. Maths lesson continued the children’s work on multiplying and dividing by multiples of ten. They enjoyed playing a dice game which required them to divide by 1, 10 or 100 if they rolled a 1 to 3, or multiplying by 10, 100 or 1000 if they rolled a 4 to 6. They also enjoyed measuring different parts of their body and then dividing and multiplying their measurements to create Mini and Giant Mes. English lessons were spent inventing giants and elves. The children then create a non-chronological report for their creature. As well as including information about their appearance, habitat and diet, the children also tried to include subordinating conjunctions and suitable relative clauses.

Friday was the Christmas Enterprise afternoon. After a busy week of burning, painting and finishing, the sales team finally had the chance to sell their pyrography tree decorations. There efforts were very well rewarded and many people commented on how effective and beautiful the decorations were. Well done to the whole company. I’m sure some of the profits can be spent on a small Christmas bonus.

Our composer of the week was Louis for his enthusiastic singing.

10th December 2018

The children have spent time this week writing the story of a drop of water. They were challenged to use what they had learnt about the water cycle and link this with all of the writing skills that they have developed, to produce a story for younger children. I was very pleased with the children first drafts. In mathematics the children continued with their multiplication work. They identified how multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 affected a value. They then looked at how you can use a known calculation (such as 100 x 64 =6400) to be able to identify linked calculation (for example: 64 x 10 x 10 = 6400 or 16 x 400 =6400.)

Friday saw our Christmas Craft morning. The children enjoyed working with those parents who were fortunate enough to be able to join us for the morning. Lots of fun was had as the children folded, cut and stick their sheets of paper to make snowflakes. The video and photograph below shows how busy we all were.

Also on Friday, Miss Krygier’s class made a return visit. This time for the year 4 children to share the poems and stories that they had written. All of the children said that they enjoyed seeing and hearing each other’s work.

Our composer of the week has to be Tilly for her pyrography skills with our sample Christmas Enterprise decorations.

3rd December 2018

Assessment Week.

Assessment week has meant that the children spent a chunk of the week completing the Autumn Term test in reading, mathematics, grammar and spelling. The children tried their very best and as a result achieved pleasing scores. The tests have help me to identify where the children need to focus their energies if they are to continue to make progress with their work.

Away from tests the children produced neat versions of their poetry which will be used as part of the class display. Some even had time to record their poems and I have placed these recordings below.

Science lessons proved to be great fun as the children set up a demonstration of the water cycle. They used compost and plastic beakers with film over the top to create sealed environments. Inside they placed cress seeds. After only a few days the seeds had germinated and the children were able to identify how water was being used and reused inside their beakers. This then led to them creating posters of the water cycle.

Our attendance was a disappointing 93.5%

Our composers of the week were Ava and Liam for their independent poetry skills.

26th November 2018

4JW has had a poetic week. The children spent a significant part of the week read, compare, interpreting or writing poems. The focus of the work looked at Brenda Williams’ “The coming of the Iron Giant.” The children enjoyed discussing the language that she had used and how this affected the images that they created as they read the poem. We also used the poem as a starting point for some work on editing skills. Having identified that the children wanted to work on their use of alliteration, similes and rhyme; we set about editing and improving Brenda’s original. This certainly made the children feel better about editing their own work as if you can ‘improved’ a published piece then the work in your book can also be developed. The children then created their own robots and set about writing their own versions entitled “The Coming of the…”

In addition to this the children also looked at “From a Railway Carriage.”  Mrs Smith worked with the children on reading the poem with a clear sense of rhythm before they completed a comprehension activity. When we reviewed the questions the children soon identified that they needed to find more evidence and example s to support their answers, particularly with two and three mark questions.

Mathematics so the children draw their measurement work to a conclusion. They had enjoyed tackling several problems involving perimeter. I was particularly pleased to see that some of the children were working very systematically when they were trying to find different solutions to a problem. They also completed their cold task ahead of their new multiplication and division work. Again I was pleased to see that the children had a reasonable starting point and am looking forward to developing their understanding as well as their calculation skills.

In other news, the children performed their dance routines based on forces. They were asked as individuals, then in pairs, before joining to make small groups to create a short dance routine which showed the effect of pushes and pulls. They were encouraged to think about how they could mirror or cannon a movement as well as challenged to vary the heights of their actions. The videos below show the final performances.

Also the class has continued work on their Christmas Enterprise activities. They all had a go at using a pyrography set to burn a small snowman design into a piece of wood. These practice pieces were the children ‘interview’ samples which will allow the class to decide which four or five children will be responsible for adding the designs to the decorations that they intend to sell.

Our attendance was unfortunately down to a disappointing 94.1%

19th November 2018

Another Amazing week for the children of 4JW

It’s been a busy and mixed week. As it was anti-bullying week the children wore odd socks to school on Monday to highlight how our differences don’t mean that we should be treating one another with any less respect. Monday also saw the children complete their next cold writing task. They were challenged to write a poem about a giant robot that dies. This was in preparation for their next unit of work when they will investigate Brenda Williams’ ‘The coming of the Iron Man.’ Over the course of the week we have also enjoyed listening to Ted Hughes’ ‘The Ironman’ and making predictions about what was going to happen next. Finally (but still on Monday) the children painted their Diva Lamps which have made a fantastic part of our classroom displays.

Wednesday was the Year 4 trip to the Magna Science and Engineering museum in Sheffield. The children had a fantastic day. They loved pushing buttons, turning handles, trying on different outfits and watching the different demonstrations. Many commented on how powerful the fire tornado was and were amazed by the heat generated during the Big Melt Show. Whilst there, they also completed a classroom session where they made paint from oil, vinegar, paprika and an egg yolk. This proved to be a superb start to the topic and has certainly got them thinking about solids, liquids and gases. As always, the children behaviour was exemplary. In fact it was so good that a member of staff from another school said how impressed she was by our children.

The week ended with a spotty feel as the children joined in with our Children In Need fund raising. We were also visited by a Miss Kygiers’ Year 1 and 2 class. They came to share their bonfire poems and some were even brave enough to read out their work to the whole group. The children spent time talking with the infants about their poems and even tried to give suggestions for other adjectives that could have been used. We had such a good time that we have arranged a return trip once we have finished out giant poems. It will be nice to be writing with a real audience in mind.

Our attendance was a perfect 100%. Earning us our sixth attendance Award certificate.

Our composer of the week is Alfie for his positive attitude.

12th November 2018

Whilst Hindu’s across the country have celebrated Diwali, 4JW have spent the week looking at the festival and the stories that are connected to it. The children were able to remember the story of Rama and Sita from their work in Year 3. After reducing the story to its seven main events, they had to identify three parts that could be used to create part of a graphic novel. This required the children to consider how they could use a page effectively, then generate images and map these out onto their page. Then speech and thought bubbles, along with some additional texts, were added to create excellent pieces of entertaining text. They also designed and made diva lamps out of clay. Once these have dried they will be decorated and candles can be added.

The children further impressed Mr Haslam as they completed their addition and subtraction hot tasks. These showed that the children had gained both confidence and knowledge when solve calculations and problems.

Below are pictures of the first three ‘Giant’ projects to have been brought in. Olivia’s giant cookie was enjoyed by the class. They had many questions about her amazing bake. Matthew’s giant sweets also left the children’s mouths watering. Whilst Liam’s model bridge showed how large structures around the word are built. Clearly a giant effort had been made by all of the children.

Our attendance was a disappointing 97%.


Our composer of the week was Ava for the excellent bridge illustration that she created as part of her graphic story.

29th October 2018

Wow! What happened to that half term?

It seems incredible to think that we have already reached the end of the first half term. Then I look back through the blogs and see the work that the children have done and wonder how we managed to fit all of that into such a short space of time.

Last week was the exciting journey into the word of column subtraction with exchanging. Many of the epic explorers made big strides forward as their confidence when exchanging grew. Many moved on and overcame that terrible moment when some evil teacher places a zero in the column that you want to exchange from. Then to make matters worse, the evil teacher places two zeros, in two place values, next to one another. Yet the amazing mathematical explorers in 4JW were undeterred and continued their journey with barely a grazed knee or a broken nail. Photographs below to prove it.

With the return the school after the holidays being just before Remembrance, the class spent some time building their CD poppy. The team work and support shown by the pupils was once again credit to how amazing they are.


Our attendance was a superb 99.4%. Which meant that we only lost out on the attendance trophy by 0.1%!

Our composer of the week has to be Reece who has tried hard and persevered when he has found things a little tricky.

22nd October 2018

Another week and another set of amazing work.

The week started with the children focussing on their handwriting and presentation. I challenged the children to turn extracts from their stories into work that was suitable for display on the classroom wall. They then began a short unit of work entitled, “Who was responsible for killing the giant?” After considering who the possible suspects where they carried out a short debate before making their final decision. They then had to write a letter to the suspect which explained why they thought that they were responsible. Below are some recordings of the children’s letters.

Mathematics was spent working on some addition problems. These involved the children reasoning and explaining mistakes. We then moved to looking at inverse operations. This naturally made the children consider their subtraction skills. Seven children had success with their times table rock stars and either moved on to new tables to learn or improved their recall speed. Thomas deserves a special mention as he has lowered his recall of a mixed set of multiplication and division questions based on all twelve times table to completing sixty questions in 1 minute 44 seconds.

Our art work has moved to creating perspective giant paintings. Below is a film of the class hard at work on this little project.

Our composer of the week was Ava for her letter writing.

15th October 2018

Another week appears to have disappeared in the blink of a giant’s eye. Once again the children in 4JW have been absolutely amazing. Over the course of the week, not only have I felt proud of their work, but I have been very impressed by their maturity and approach to activities that I have set.

They have spent a significant part of the week working on their version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Many have had fun changing the gender of the characters, modernising the items that were taken from the giant and finding ways to adapt some well-known phrases. I have been particularly pleased with how the children have support one another and helped each other to develop their writing. One example was when I heard Hannah say to her partner, “Let me just stop you there… Just read that bit again... Does it make sense?” To find out more about their amazing stories come back next week and see some of their final presented stories.

In addition the children have used their addition and subtraction skills to identify the types of questions that they find difficult. Time has then been spent working on their ability to explain why these questions are more challenging. Hopefully, by identifying the difficulty the children will be more able to find a strategy that will enable them to correctly solve problems in the future.

In addition the children have enjoyed working on your Picasso inspired giant head drawings.

In PE, I have grouped the children so that they can take the dance work that they have completed in pairs and combine this to create group performances. This again led to me over hearing another fantastic piece of dialogue. After trying out a new section for their routine Alfie turned to his groups and said, “That’s a good move but we can’t do it as it might be dangerous. We could easily end up banging our heads.”

Our attendance was only 97.8%

Our star of the week has to be Hannah for her fantastic work on her writing.

8th October 2018

A Tyre-ing week for 4JW

Last week’s English sessions focussed on creating detailed and interesting sentences. The children spent time thinking about which verbs could be used to describe a characters actions. They then identified three verbs and used these to create a single sentence which contained all three actions. Towards the end of the week, they then moved to looking at adverbs and adverbial phrases. Some time was spent moving these adverbs around the sentences and experimenting with fronted adverbials.

Mathematics brought the finishing touches to the children’s rounding knowledge. We then moved onto to investigating four digit numbers. The children used different apparatus to initial partition the numbers. This was then extended through process of exchanging to find different ways to create the same value.

In other news, the children began rehearsing the songs for the upcoming harvest festival. They spent time looking at the life of Pablo Picasso in preparation for creating a ‘giant’ painting in his style. The school gardening club took delivery of a load of tyres. These were kindly donated by Lodge Tyres. The children enjoyed unloading them and helping to roll them into the school garden.

Our attendance was another superb 99.6%.

Our composer of the week was Alfie for his continued enthusiasm.

1st October 2018

Team Amazing Strike Again!

Just when you think you have an amazing class they go and surpass themselves.

Another busy week in maths has seen us struggling over the concept of rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Most of the class are about there and the rest I’m certain will have well and truly cracked it by the end of next week.

English has focused on how speech is written and set out. The children’s confidence with inverted commas, their use of synonyms and their ability to add suitable adverbs has definitely increased.

In addition to this the children have completed several Road Safety week activities. The people who brought the road safety quiz into school were very impressed by the children’s safety knowledge. In preparation for the remembrance display at Thoresby Hall the children spent time painting poppies.

Poppy Painting 6.JPG

Wednesday was European Language Day, Year 4 used our class theme of composers and music and investigated the names of different instruments in several European languages. We also listen to different pieces of music by some of the greatest composers from across Europe.

Friday was Ganesh’s Birthday, so for our RE we spent the day celebrating and investigating the Hindu deity. The children had a good go at some celebration dancing. They spent time creating some very effective masks.

In this week’s videos we have included a little musical Easter Egg.

Our attendance was an unsurpassed 100%.

Our composer of the week was Thomas for his amazing mask.

24th September 2018

The first full week of term seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.

4JW invite you to sit and enjoy the videos and photographs showing some of last week’s work.

The English sessions were spent learning and interpreting Pie Corbett’s version of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ By the end of the week the children had made some suggestions for changes that they can make when they come to write their ‘twisted’ version of the story.

Mathematics focused on the Roman’s system for recording values. Lots of fun was had as the children completed several physical mathematics activities. In addition to that the children completed their work looking at magnets, learnt the names of some instruments in Spanish and started work on a forces inspired dance.

Our attendance was 99.4%

Our composer of the week was Aloma for the additional mathematics work that she completed at home. She linked the Roman numerals work with the class investigation work to produce some amazing solutions. There are also honorable mentions for Ava and Reece who also brought in additional work that they had completed at home on the Roman numerals theme.

17th September 2018

4JW Best Class In School!

The children returned from their summer holidays filled with energy and excitement. They soon settled into the routines of class life and produced some superb pieces of work. They have started learning about magnets and forces; written a version of Jack and the Beanstalk before looking at Pie Corbett’s version; completed calculations using all of the four operations; danced to 3 Daft Monkeys; elected a school councillor who received ¾ of the class votes; designed and built marshmallow and spaghetti towers; danced to Nellie the Elephant; and mixed concrete to hold up their reading flowers. Many of these activities are illustrated by the photographs and video below.

Our attendance was a superb 99.4%.

Our composer of the week was Brooke for the quality of her thinking and answering of questions.