6th May 2019

Dangerous decimals and a wander into the rainforest.

This week has been very busy as the children have completed their poetry work, delved deeper into decimals and really begun to think to the worlds rainforests.

The week began with the children and Mrs Slade identifying what turned a forest into a tropical rainforest. After completing a little bit or research they used atlases and maps to identify where these were found around the world. As part of the session they identified the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn that sandwich the rainforest zone.

Mathematics lessons continued the theme of decimals. The children’s new found confidence with counting using numbers with one and two decimal places was put to the test as they investigated ordering decimal numbers. Whilst many of the children handled the challenge, several fell into Mr Haslam’s elephant trap when the numbers had different numbers of decimal places. However credit to the children they soon picked themselves up and pulled themselves out of the hole. Thursday’s fine weather presented an opportunity for the children to give their place value skills with decimals and make links to fractions. This was competed outside as one of the orienteering activities that Year 4 enjoy undertaking.


‘A day in the life of Danny the Cat’ proved to be excellent inspiration as the children used the structure and ideas to develop their own version of the poem. They link this to the work that they had started earlier in the week. They each chose a rainforest animal and then considered where and how the animal lived to develop their own piece of performance poem. Friday afternoon provided a superb opportunity for the children to perform their poems to their peers. Some of which were video and are included below.

Our mathematics star was Ollie for his excellent explanations throughout the week.

Our English star was Matthew for the superb poem that he created.

Our winning run of attendance victories came to an end. However we still achieved a 98.9% attendance figure.

29th April 2019

How can it be the summer term already?

The children have returned from their Easter holidays full of chocolate but ready to work. They have stated their new English topic which looks at performance poetry. They have started to look at Benjamin Zephania’s pome, ‘Danny the Cat.’ Decimals were the main focus in mathematics lessons. The children enjoyed playing decimal bingo and have benefitted from some sessions being spent counting backwards and forwards in tenths and hundredths. As you can see from the photographs below, the highlight of the week was playing decimal hopscotch.

Our English star was Marla for her use of interesting language.

Our Mathematics star was Louis for the extra effort that he has put into this week’s lessons.

Our attendance was an unsurpassable 100%. Which meant that we won the attendance award for the third week running.

29th March 2019

Failure! Failure! Success!!

Another week has flown by and there have been yet more interesting happenings in 4JW.

We started our new English topic which is looking at Non-chronological reports. The children enjoyed reading a report about how jellyfish use their stings. This lead to a brief detour as we wanted to find out more about the man-o-war jellyfish which had been mentioned in the text. The children were able to quickly pull apart the text and identify the key features that they needed to consider when writing their own. We set ourselves some new targets to look at using topic sentence start to paragraphs and to use technical vocabulary.

Mathematics saw the end of our fractions unit. The children understanding and confidence when working with fractions has increased tremendously. We ended the week by completing the hot tasks which allowed the children to see just how much their skills had improved. We also spent a part of the week completing some physical mathematics which helped to see the link between fractions a decimals when working with tenths and hundredth. This also provided an opportunity to think back to our place value work and make links with real world mathematics when deal with money.

This week’s title comes from Wednesday afternoon which was our first attempts at building model Viking houses. Using wooden dowels, playdough and art straws the children discovered that building wattle and daub walls to a significant height is more challenging that it appears. However, they identified that being able to keep the uprights stable and either prebending the horizontal strips, or by avoiding bends completely, would make the structures easier to construct. On Friday their second attempts at creating their walls were far more successful.

Our attendance was 100%

This week’s Mathematics and English stars were chosen by the class. Whilst thinking about certificates it is worth noting that every child in the class was awarded at least one superstar certificate. Also 8 more children gained their bronze or silver presentation licences.

Our Mathematics star was Lucy for listening to her partner and then giving her work a good go,

Our English star was Olivia for sharing her excellent ideas and word choices

22nd March 2019

Stop the presses!

4JW have had a fantastic week of journalistic fun. We used the events from ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ and pretended to be reports sent from the Hearldberg Gazette challenged with writing the day’s news. The children enjoyed thinking of interesting headlines, role playing interviews, and then carefully constructing their copy. I was very impressed with the children approach to their writing. They managed to achieve all of their targets and included a variety of sub-ordinating conjunctions, used a mixture of sentence openers and included possessive apostrophes. Several children achieved bonus points for included apostrophes for plural nouns.

Fearsome fraction word problems quickly turned into simple to solve questions. The children produced some fraction knowledge organisers which allowed them to collect the skills that they had developed over the last couple of weeks. Then, when they faced some fraction questions they used their notes to help them find a route to success.

Wednesday was open morning. Once again it was fantastic to have our grown-ups coming and working alongside us. Many found the level of work surprising and were impressed by the quality and the confidence of the children.

Our mathematics star was Thomas for the very neat fractions work that he completed.

Our English star was Marla for her newspaper report.

Our attendance was unfortunately on 96.1%

15th March 2019

Muck, sticks and flights.

One of the main thrusts of the last week was 4JW’s spring term enterprise. The class had decided that the school needed some new record setting. We challenged the school to set a new school record for the distance that a paper airplane could fly, the length of time that a paper airplane could be in flight, and the most aesthetically pleasing airplane. Thursday lunchtime saw forty children ranging from 4 to 11 years old bringing and testing their crafts. In the end, Finlay from 3KJT set a distance record of 12m28cm and Jay from 3ES set the record flight time of 3.65seconds. Whilst, Megan from 6MY created a very bright and sparkly aircraft. The class made nearly £13 profit; most of which will be donated to charity.

Alongside setting records, the class started its design technology work. Linked to our Vikings topic, the children are investigating how these settlers built their houses. We visited the school garden and using some of the thicker and more flexible branches that had been cut from the Willow dome; they created a small section of wattle wall. I then raided the manure pile and mixed up some dorb with soil taken from one of the free vegetable beds. This was then applied to the wattle to create a small section of wall.

Our mathematics star was Reece for his perseverance.

Our English star was Matthew for his reading.