23rd January 2017

In English this week the children have been carrying on their work with the Ice Cat text. They spent this week learning the text using Talk for Writing techniques and they have been boxing up the story by picking out the important vocabulary.

In Maths we did a couple more days on multiplication to ensure the children were secure with their methods and later on in the week we moved onto division. The children began by using dienes to represent the idea of ‘sharing’. They then moved onto using place value counters to divide numbers which required regrouping,

In Topic the children have been learning about the role of Roman soldiers and thinking about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of being a soldier in the Roman Empire.

In Swimming the children are doing brilliantly! They only have a few weeks left but they have made so much progress and their behaviour is always fantastic. Well done everyone!

The children also enjoyed their class attendance award treat of chocolate cake!

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Keira because she has been working hard on her writing and particularly her spelling.

We received four handshakes this week and attendance was 94%