16th January 2017

In English the children have been looking at an extract from a new text, the Ice Cat. So far this week the children have been asking questions about the text and making predictions about what could happen in the story. 

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and the children have progressed to use a more formal, short method of multiplication. They began by using dienes in order to think about the place value when multiplying TU x U and HTU x U. Most of the children are now confident using an expanded method of multiplication and some children even moved onto regrouping. We will be doing more work on this next week. The photos of the children’s work can be seen below.

In Topic we have begun our work on the Romans. The children have looked at the events during the Roman period and ordered them on a timeline. They have also used a map to locate and pick out the countries which the Roman Empire ruled.

In PE the children have been playing hockey with Mr Bell. 

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Leo because he is always polite, helpful and kind to all of the children and adults in class. He also always does his best work and listens carefully to the instructions. Well done Leo!

We received ten handshakes this week and attendance was 97.2%

It's great to see that over 70% of parents have already signed up to the Marvellous Me App!

Marvellous Me is a free app which tells you marvellous news about your child’s learning and positive behaviours. If you haven’t already signed up then please speak to the school office or sign up at one of the links below.