12th December 2016

In English the children have been learning how to use paragraphs correctly and we have used The Tree Giant text to look at examples.

In Maths the children answered mixed word problems. They used drawings and thought carefully about each question to decide whether it was a multiplication or division and they then used the appropriate method to answer each question.

In French we have been learning how to greet someone and hold a conversation to find out someone’s name and to ask how they are, as well as reply to questions.  Here are Isobel and Oscar, Poppy and Sophie and Lilly and Natan talking to each other.

This week we have been busy preparing our merchandise for the Christmas Enterprise on Monday. The children have really enjoyed making the Christmas tree decorations using salt dough and the photos of the process can be seen here.

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Lana because of her fantastic attitude at swimming. Well done Lana!