12th March 2018

Being in the midst of assessments, our learning activities have been a little reduced this week!  However, we have some exciting photos for you to browse through.

We are reading extracts from the Firework Maker’s Daughter at the moment.  We practised our ability to answer reading comprehension questions by being brave and selecting those questions that we thought were the hardest!  Character empathy was the focus for one lesson when we pretended that we were one of the characters in the book (Lila) and wrote a letter to the father.  It was really helpful to “hot seat” the character so that we could ask her questions!  That really helped to get inside the character’s head and heart!   We have also revised the use of apostrophes for omission and contraction.

Our focus is statistics and we have collected and sorted data, which we represented as a pictogram and then progressed to drawing bar charts.  Next week, we will look at a bar chart and interpret the data in order to answer questions.  Look at the photos where we sorted our data (sweets – which led to a very enthusiastic lesson!)

We have only managed to squeeze in one topic lesson but it was very exciting.  We pretended we were palaeontologists and very patiently brushed away sand in order to reveal fossils that we had previously made.  They turned out much better than expected!  Look at our photos!

We were excited and proud to invite parents into our class on Friday morning to celebrate World Book Day.  We took part in a little game, where we had to find letters around the room and arrange and sort them into the title of a book (written by our Author of the Moment – David Walliams).  We think parents enjoyed the challenge too!  The children looked amazing dressed as their favourite book characters.  See photos attached.
Champion of the week


Alfie Hewitt is always prepared for his learning and always tries his very best . . . and what a smile!

All of us attended every day – excepting one.  We continue to strive for 100%!  Our percentage was 95%