12th February 2018

We had a really good attempt to incorporate our learning of figurative language (similes, metaphors and personification) into our “hot task.”  Our stimulus was an animated clip of “A Day in Pompeii,” which we watched at least three times because it was so exciting!  After spending some time planning our writing, we spent a lesson working independently, describing the setting as the volcanic eruption began and then the final destruction of Pompeii.


Jack has tried really hard to purple pen his poetry as well as making brave attempts to neaten his handwriting and the presentation of his work. We’re behind you, Jack. You can do it!

Then, we have started looking at the illustrations of a new book, “Escape from Pompeii,” which we are going to use as a basis to create our own comic strips.  Should be an exciting and enjoyable activity!

We have started a new unit, “money,” and we have begun to look at the value of coins and notes, how pence can be converted to pounds and vice versa before we started adding, subtracting and practising giving change.

We have started a new unit, “Rocks,” and we have learned that there are 3 sorts of rocks, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.  Ask away, find out what we can remember!  
A creative lesson took place as we finished our volcanoes by adding details in paint to represent grass and lava.  Have a look at the photos!
Champion of the week

Fabulous!  Another attendance certificate this week.  Still not quite 100% but so close!  We got 99.4%