15th January 2018


It was lovely to welcome the children back after the Christmas break and although a little bleary eyed on Monday morning (as were we all), they returned with very positive, hard-working attitudes!

This week, we have been working towards a writing assessment, which we completed on Friday.  Before Christmas, we watched a small film clip called Lily and the Snowman and we used this clip to firstly write a brief summary and finally to write a persuasive letter.  The letter was to be written from the snowman, persuading Lily to let him out of the freezer.  With the letter being persuasive, it meant that the children could use the persuasive features that they have previously learned, as well as including other targets, such as subordinating conjunctions for complex sentences.  

We have continued to use knowledge of x2, x4, x8, x5 and x10 to help us solve other multiplication problems.  (see photos – occasionally, we use “big” working out and love to write on our tables – with pencils of course!)
We are starting to appreciate that having a sound grasp of these times tables is very important.  To help us learn our times tables, we have started to challenge ourselves by taking part in a times table speed challenge three times a week.  It’s called “Rock Stars” and the children love the challenge of getting as many correct as possible, as quickly as possible.


Grace has been a super role model this week, returning to school with a fantastic “can do” approach to learning. A well-deserved champion

We have moved onto “geography” this term, with a focus on natural features such as volcanoes, earthquakes and rivers.  Firstly, however, we have been improving our knowledge of continents, countries and capital cities by “googling” and using atlases in order to make our own “top trump” cards.

Unfortunately, although the majority of the class attended all week, we are still struggling with pre-Xmas germs and viruses.  We got 95.4%