18th September 2017

It was lovely to work together for a whole week at the start of our new year together.  We have worked so hard and have enjoyed getting to know each other and we’ve had a great learning week.

We have been learning all about how to write a biography.  By the end of next week, we are hoping to have completed our biography about Jessica Ennis-Hill (we’ve taken her name as our class name this year).  In order to achieve that goal, we’ve looked at a couple of biographies to see what they look like and how they are structured.


This week, we have been polishing our place value knowledge by using dienes to represent numerical values as high as thousands!

Our topic is “light” and we have started working through our pupil booklet.  Our lesson on Wednesday was amazing!  We learned how to find North by using a stick and some chalks (and the sunshine).  Ask how we did it!

Class Charter
We have worked very hard to think of all the ways in which we can make our school and classes wonderful places to attend so that we are happy to learn.  Please have a look at our class charter.

class charter EP.jpg

Champion of the week
Levi Smith has deservedly won our “Champion of the Week” award.  He has shown such a positive working and learning attitude this week.  A great role model! 

We were awarded 8 handshakes this week and we’re going to try to beat that total next week.
Every child attended every session!  Wow!  What a great start to the year.