20th November 2017

We’ve collected more key features so that we’re starting to understand what a persuasive text needs to contain so that it’s really effective!  Photos with appropriate captions are eye-catching and positive quotes are a must!
We are coming to an end of our addition and subtraction unit and are ready to learn something new next week.  Multiplication and division will be our new focus.
The children have been thinking about the difference between a wish and a prayer.  They enjoyed an interesting debate and tried to think of examples to explain their understanding.  Then, we looked at looked at lots of pictures of churches and mosques to see how much they varied.  It was interesting to make comparisons.

Children In Need
Friday was a special day when the children wore dotty creations.  The classroom looked very different!  Although it was fun to see what everybody was wearing, the children also realised that the importance of the day is to appreciate that some children are poorly, have problems and that our £1 contributions would hopefully help make their lives a little better.


Champion of the week
Daisy Housego is a super role model because she never gives up and keeps trying hard!

Only 8 this week!
However, our attendance was 100% - again!  We’re thrilled and proud.