16th July 2018

Well, just as we thought things were getting back to normal . . . 

Aspirations Week!
We’ve had lots of parent visits this week!  Our visitors have been kind enough to give up their time to come into to school to talk about their jobs.  It has truly been inspirational because it has given the children lots of career ideas.  However, the strongest message that has come through has been to choose something that you are interested in, something that gives you satisfaction and enjoyment and makes you happy!  A perfect message!
Aloma’s mum came into talk about her science/biology research work.
Marla’s mum talked to us about her jobs as Retford Mayor, being a member of a first response team and working at the hospital.

Thomas’ dad came into to tell us all about his work in Doncaster at Network Rail.
The children were interested in Mrs Keyworth’s job as a Prison Psychologist and then listened to Daisy’s Mum talking about her work as an Occupational Therapist.  
All the children listened politely and respectfully and then asked lots of relevant and appropriate questions – as we knew they would!


Champion of the week
Everyone in class has tackled their assessments with a fantastic positive attitude.  However, Ollie really does deserve recognition for his resolve to check and re-check his work in order to get the best score he possibly could . . . right up to the very last second! Brilliant, Ollie! 

Our Hot Task related to “Time” has been completed and even though it can be a tricky unit with lots of areas to cause confusion, the children have all shown good learning and progress.  We are now moving on to Geometry and the Properties of Shape.  Our new learning will include recognition of angles, horizontal and vertical lines, parallel and perpendicular lines, before moving on to the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  Hopefully, this will lead to lots of outdoor activities, weather permitting!

Summer Enterprise
We have been trying to make money again!  We intend to use profits to donate to our chosen charity; Air Ambulance, as well as keeping some for ourselves.  We will have to wait and see how much money we make before we can decide how to spend our profit!

9th July 2018

We’ve had another very busy week – most of which has been taken over by year end assessments.  The heat has not been a positive factor in assisting!  Even though they’re not quite complete, we’re hoping that lessons will be pretty much back to normal next week!

We’ve bravely tackled Grammar and Spelling assessments, as well as Reading. 

We have continued to learn another aspect of “time.”  This week’s focus was looking at intervals between times and comparing them. 


Jack deserves to be our Champion of the Week because he is trying so hard to learn his multiplication tables.  I’m sure he’ll succeed very soon due to his self-motivation! 

A couple of days of sickness gave us 97.7%
We’ll soon be back at the top!

2nd July 2018

What a week! To say the least. In spite of having our “special visitors” popping into lessons, the children did not allow themselves to be distracted from their learning. They shone like the stars they are . . . working to their potential . . . with lots of talking and discussion to support their understanding and their progress to learn.

Lots of grammar this week. The children have learned the difference between specific verb tenses. Ask them about the simple present, simple past, simple progressive and past progressive. I’m sure they’ll amaze you!

To consolidate and secure our current learning, we have been solving problems related to time but the focus for the new learning was being able to explain their solutions using “I know this is the answer because . . .” and reasoning “I know so  . . . “

Here are a couple of examples:-

Science Investigation
One of our lessons was an investigation where the challenge was to create a structure, which would protect a vital organ (being a chocolate teacake). We made the investigation “fair” by supplying the children in each group with the same resources. The investigation was to support their new learning being that one of the purposes of the skeleton/our bones is to protect vital organs.  Have a look at the attached photographs. You’ll be able to see if we succeeded!

Science Research
Our second lesson was to research bones. Firstly, to name bones in specific parts of our bodies and then to research their purpose.The children used a body outline to select the part of the body on which to focus their research. (See attached photos).

Champion of the Week
Here we all are! I simply cannot choose one child who is set apart from anybody else in any way.  We’ve had a challenging but amazing week – all of us!


Back on top! We had 100% attendance! We’re back on form. Well done, everybody.