22nd January 2018

Lots of learning this week, where the children have been very enthusiastic and positive!  Great growth mind-set!

English: Over the past week, we have been looking at a poem called, “The River,” by Valerie Bloom.  We have used it to find the key features of a good poem, which also contains lots of images.  Through close studying, we have discovered that she has used lots of metaphors, a simile and personification in order to create those images (use of figurative language).  We’ll be working hard to understand the difference between the three devices and then have a go ourselves, before creating our own poem about volcanoes, next week.

Maths: We continue to practise our times tables and the children have become very competitive as they are super keen to improve their own scores.  They have 3 minutes in which to try to answer 60 times table questions, based on either x2 or x5.  We are also learning how to calculate TU x U, with and without exchanges.  It has really helped us to used place value charts, dienes and counters so that we can “see” why and where these exchanges take place.  Then, we will be showing these calculations in a formal written calculation.

Sometimes, we find that lots of good learning comes from finding out where we make our mistakes so we spent a productive lesson exploring “where has it gone wrong?” examples (see photos).


Topic: Natural features of our world can be quite mind-blowing for us to understand and visualise, never mind 7 and 8 year olds, so we used a little bit of drama to help us understand how tectonic plates create earthquakes and mountains.  See photo!  It was a really good way to understand the concept and a little bit of fun too!
Champion of the week

Maddie’s friendly smile cheers up the gloomiest of January days and her enthusiasm knows no bounds!  Well done, Maddie.

Unfortunately, although the majority of the class attended all week, we are still struggling with nasty viruses.  We got  93.9% 

15th January 2018


It was lovely to welcome the children back after the Christmas break and although a little bleary eyed on Monday morning (as were we all), they returned with very positive, hard-working attitudes!

This week, we have been working towards a writing assessment, which we completed on Friday.  Before Christmas, we watched a small film clip called Lily and the Snowman and we used this clip to firstly write a brief summary and finally to write a persuasive letter.  The letter was to be written from the snowman, persuading Lily to let him out of the freezer.  With the letter being persuasive, it meant that the children could use the persuasive features that they have previously learned, as well as including other targets, such as subordinating conjunctions for complex sentences.  

We have continued to use knowledge of x2, x4, x8, x5 and x10 to help us solve other multiplication problems.  (see photos – occasionally, we use “big” working out and love to write on our tables – with pencils of course!)
We are starting to appreciate that having a sound grasp of these times tables is very important.  To help us learn our times tables, we have started to challenge ourselves by taking part in a times table speed challenge three times a week.  It’s called “Rock Stars” and the children love the challenge of getting as many correct as possible, as quickly as possible.


Grace has been a super role model this week, returning to school with a fantastic “can do” approach to learning. A well-deserved champion

We have moved onto “geography” this term, with a focus on natural features such as volcanoes, earthquakes and rivers.  Firstly, however, we have been improving our knowledge of continents, countries and capital cities by “googling” and using atlases in order to make our own “top trump” cards.

Unfortunately, although the majority of the class attended all week, we are still struggling with pre-Xmas germs and viruses.  We got 95.4%

18th December 2017

What a busy week!  Much of our time has been taken up with preparing for the Christmas Enterprise.

Our super texts are in the process of being published (typed up and presented in the form of a leaflet), and we’re hoping to have some ready for our Beaumanor afternoon next Wednesday.

Even though we have had to leave our multiplication and division alone for the week, we have been using our mathematical skills for our Christmas Enterprise venture.  The children have had to work out how much resources have cost altogether and then try to work out how much to charge for each bauble (thinking about how much parents might be prepared to pay but needing to cover costs.)  Then, during the afternoon, we’ve had to be able to add up items sold to customers to then calculate the change owed.  Lots of fun maths!  Finally, we’ve added up all our takings and subtracted the initial resourcing costs to find out what we had left. 

Christmas Enterprise
We have worked so hard this week to ensure that we were well prepared for the afternoon.  We designed and created our Christmas baubles and the team work and enthusiasm has been amazing!  The afternoon went very smoothly and we managed to sell all of our products.  The children have shown true British values and have voted democratically to decide which organisation should receive a donation.  The vote went to “Save the Children.”  We will decide how much to send out of our profit next week.  (We made £44.87 profit in total so thanks to all who helped us!)   The remaining amount, we’re going to keep for ourselves and we need to decide how to treat ourselves.

You can see photos of all the children with their models.  Aren’t they stunning?  We spent Thursday afternoon bombing them and most of them were extremely strongly constructed.  Obviously, the children have spent a lot of time with their parents/helpers making the structures as secure and safe as possible.  The finished shelters were truly amazing!


Champion of the Week

Some of our children were absolutely amazing when trying to persuade shoppers to come into our room and buy our creations during Christmas Enterprise day. However, Reece was truly convincing and will no doubt soon be appearing alongside Lord Sugar on “The Apprentice!”  A well-deserved champion!

We worked hard this week to earn 11 handshakes.

An improvement on last week, but we’re still struggling to fight off illnesses and germs.  We got  95.6%